10 Days of Childhood #1

June 17, 2013


If you don't know what this tag is or where I found it, you can read all about the 10 Days of Childhood HERE. And, of course, don't forget to join in!

Day One: Earliest Childhood Memory

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I think that my earliest childhood memory was probably when I was about three years old and it's the tale of how I got the small scar beside my right eye. I'm pretty sure that what I remember is all my memory and not re-tellings of the story that I've conveniently put together to form the memory.

In my memory everything is tinted blue; you know, that colour that the light goes not long before it gets dark? Yeah, that's the kind of colour so I'm guessing it was evening in the summertime. I was wearing these little blue and yellow rollerskates in my house. I can't find pictures of them anywhere (I sure hope I haven't made them up!) but they were the kind that you tied onto your shoe instead of an actual boot with wheels.

I remember that my mum was out in the garden taking in the washing and that I wanted to see her.  Now, to get into my garden you had to go down four concrete steps. I, being only three years old,  stupidly tried to walk down these steps with my rollerskates on and as you can imagine it ended in disaster.

My sisters insist that they tried to stop me and told me to sit down and bump my way down the steps but I have no memory of that. I have no memory of actually falling or the pain, only the fact I was wearing my skates and wanted to see my mum in the garden.

I did indeed fall down the concrete steps and smashed my face off something equally hard leaving me with a scar about 1.5cms long right beside my eye. If it had been any closer to my eye I might well have grown up blind in that eye, who knows.

I've got lots of other childhood memories from the ages of three or four and a lot of them seem to involve me hurting myself in one way or another.  I got bubble mixture in my eyes aged about four. I have no idea how but I remember my mum helping me wash it out and telling me to cry because it'd clean the eye quicker. I remember falling off my best friend's bike after braking too hard with cuts on my knees and hands, a bloodied nose and a missing tooth.  To be fair, there's also a lot of really happy, non-painful memories too!

Does anyone else remember those little rollerskates? Please let me know if you do, I feel like I'm going crazy!  Also, what is your earliest childhood memory?

Until next time!

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're doing the tag :) I've followed you here and on bloglovin. It's funny how both of our earliest memories involve us getting hurt!

    1. I know! Always ending up with bumps and cuts. It's a good tag. I love reminiscing like that.



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