10 Days of Childhood #4

June 20, 2013

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Day Four: Primary School Stories

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In Scotland, from that age of about five until about twelve children go to primary school. I always quite enjoyed primary school. I was a bit of a goody two shoes (but not obnoxious with it) and pretty damn smart too, if I do say so myself. These are three of my favourite memories.

Primary One (aged 5)
Whilst I remember primary one quite well, I have one vivid memory of the day I lost my first tooth. We were sitting in out music room at the end of the school day and my front tooth was really irritating me. It had been wobbly for a while and, as so many children do, I was twisting it around in my mouth when it fell out. I remember someone beside me saying something about how I should tell the teacher so I could wrap it in a paper towel to take it home. I ignored them. We'd already packed up to go home, I knew we'd be out of there in a minute or two. I held the tooth tight in my hand and as soon as the bell went I shot off out the door and ran to show my dad at the school gates. I'd held onto it so hard it had left an indentation on my hand!

Primary Two (aged 6)
In Primary 2 I changed school. My sister was having trouble with bullying and the school was doing very little to stop it so my parents switched us to another nearby school. I remember on my first day I was pretty nervous. I was a little annoyed that my new teacher had spelt my name wrong ("Debbie" not "Debi") and that they were reading a book I'd already read. I sat at the group called "Tigers" and didn't say a word to anyone. At playtime, I remember a classmate coming up to me and asking if I wanted to play and I replied "No thank you." What an eejit! I did make friends later that week!

Primary Seven (age 11)
There was an after school badminton club for primary sevens run on a Tuesday and Thursday. I was selected for the school badminton team and took part in a competition for all the schools in our local area. I was put out of the girls' singles competition in the third round after my game was umpired by my opponents mum! There were definitely some dodgy decisions made. My doubles partner and I did make it into the quarter finals of the doubles competition but we did lose to two fifteen year old girls who had been playing for years.  I also won my school championship after a gruelling match (I wanted it more though!) and got a medal and trophy.

What about you? What are your favourite memories from school?

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  1. My favourite bit about primary school was picking out my pencilcase each year before the school! I loved that every year! This is a really cute blog :)

    1. Yeah, buying new school stuff was always good.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  2. This is cute! I am about to follow you, maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too?

    1. Glad you like it. Just about to jump on over and have a look at your blog now :)



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