10 Days of Childhood #7

June 24, 2013

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If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I never managed to put any blogs out yesterday because I was feeling unwell and was super busy. Despite feeling pretty rubbish, I had all my family up at my house so I didn't have a moment to write any kind of blog. So today I bring you two 10 Days of Childhood posts instead!

If you don't know what this tag is or where I found it, you can read all about the 10 Days of Childhood HERE. And, of course, don't forget to join in!

Day Seven: Childhood Friends

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Elle, Emmy, Kay and baby me.

To this day, my best friends are my sisters. I have three older and two younger sisters and so there was always someone to play with or talk to growing up. I'm closest in age to Elle so we probably spent the most time playing together as kids on bikes, playing with barbies, making wonderful concoctions in plant pots of flowers, water, grass and mud and serving it up as food. There were also many times I spent playing with my sisters, Emmy and Kay, who would humour me, making silly voices with my teddies. And then, of course, when my little sisters, LJ and TJ were born I had two little ones to take to the park and such.

When I was little we would also play out in the street together with the neighbourhood kids.  There were the sisters, Carolyn and Yvonne, who lived a few doors down and had the best collection of Sylvanian families that I loved to play with. The also had an amazing swing set that had a special swing that could seat four of us at once!

There was Ginelle (and her brother Ricky ) who had two pet gerbils and would let them crawl inside her school jumper and bring them to see us much to my mum's horror! Then there was Sara who could sit on her hair and would play bike races with me. My next door neighbour had a granddaughter called Laura and whenever she was over we were always being passed over the hedge into each other's gardens to play. I also would play with her cousin, Craig, who once emptied stones all over my mum's grass and I got into trouble for it. I never liked him so much after that.

At primary school my best friend was Debbie. I don't know how many times we got called twins because we had the same names but spelt differently. How unimaginitive would parents be to name their children the same thing? I spent many afternoons after school at her house or she at mine. We were pretty much inseparatable for about three years.

I don't have any contact with any of these people now that we are grown up except from my sisters obviously. Other than having a couple on Facebook, we have all grown apart which is quite sad but pretty much enivitable. Also, I don't have any copies of pictures of  any of these childhood friends as they are all at my parents' house but I'm sure there is a tonne of them somewhere.

Do you still talk to the people you grew up with? Are they still your friends? I've always been a little bit jealous of those with life long friends.

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