10 Days of Childhood #8

June 24, 2013

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Day Eight: Something You Miss

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For me, it isn't about missing specific material thing that I had as a child but more to do with the kind of mentality that a child possesses. Without knowing what the real grown up world is like with bills to pay and work that you need to have or you can't pay those bills, there is such a carefree, stress free feel to my childhood that somedays I wish I could revisit.

What I miss most about childhood is the beautiful innocence of being young. Waking up in the morning and your biggest concern being whether or not it was sunny so you could get outside to play on your bike or if it would be a watching videos (yes, VHS not DVD!)  kind of day inside. I miss the days where I would wake up at eight in the morning, throw on some clothes and eat some breakfast and be outside playing ten minutes later, only coming in for lunch and dinner and, eventually, bedtime.

I miss the innocence of not knowing all the cruel and horrible things that go on in the world. I miss being oblivious to the stresses and strains of money and just daily life in general and I long for the carefree days of childhood.

I miss the complete and utter excitement of Christmas. Now don't get me wrong I still love Christmas but without Christmas holidays and little ones about to tell about Santa I feel like it has lost a bit of its magic and I miss that.

I also miss living at home and having my family around me at all times.  As much as I love being grown up and living with my other half sometimes I wish I could just go back to living at home and being included in all the things my family get up to without me. Like the fact that they are all away on holiday without me at the end of the week; something I'm still not quite used to. I pretty much see them once a week and live only five minutes away but sometimes that might as well be a hundred miles away!

Are you the same? What do you miss most about your childhood?

Until next time!

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  2. I miss how simple everything was when I was a young child. But I am the same in some ways because I still have a huge imagination and is very playful!
    I think it's pretty funny how I couldn't wait to grow up as a kid but now I wish I could go back...

    -B ♡


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