10 Days of Childhood #9

June 25, 2013

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If you don't know what this tag is or where I found it, you can read all about the 10 Days of Childhood HERE. And, of course, don't forget to join in!

Day Nine: Quirky Things You Did as a Child

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Aged four on our way home in a coach from a holiday in Spain.

Ah, the penultimate tag for you today and I get to share some of my childhood quirks. I'm not exactly sure what would be termed as quirky so here's just a couple of odd things I did as a child.

From about the age of six until about the age of eighteen I could not say the phrase "pins and needles" without consciously stopping to think about it first. For some unknown reason, for much of my childhood I referred to the weird sensation as "nins and peedles". Even to this day I sometimes have to think about it so I actually say it the right way.

I also seem to have had numerous odd quirks whilst I slept. When I was really little I apparently used to sleep walk and I have been known to talk in my sleep on and off my entire life.  My other half also has been known to talk in his sleep and once called me his mum then proceeded to tell me he "didn't want any toast" in the middle of the night. Weird. I also went through a phase where I would sit up and stare when anyone came in my room whilst I'd been sleeping only to have no recollection of it in the morning. Oh, and I also used to chew the wood on my bunk bed whilst I slept and would wake up to lots of teeth marks around my bed.

What are the quirks and odd things you used to do as a child? Make me feel better about being weird by sharing your wonderful quirkiness with me!

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  1. i used to say mazagine instead of magazine. lol

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

    1. Hah! It's funny how you can get letters mixed up like that and it becomes really difficult to say it properly.



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