A Letter to My Teenage Self

June 27, 2013

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After doing the 10 Days of Childhood Tag which essentially covered up to the age of twelve, I thought it might be a good idea to do a post in which I'd write a letter to my teenage self. I'm sure there are plenty of things I'd like to have told me back then. When I saw Rachael do one on her blog I was pretty much sold on the idea so here I am about to write a letter to my sixteen year old self. 

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 Dear Teenage Debi, 

 Well, this feels odd. When I decided to write this letter I thought back to how I was then (or you are now) and it made me feel funny. You know the feeling I mean. Being in high school and sixteen isn't really all that easy but it's by no means the hardest thing you'll face. Don't worry, life isn't awful. There have been rough patches but we always come back fighting and are experts at picking ourselves up and dusting off now. Oh, before I forget, listen to your instincts and don't take Higher Maths. It'll just be a waste of time, truly.

To be honest, I don't want to go into real depth on anything. I wouldn't want to ruin all the first time experiences, even the bad ones. It's what makes you who I am now. I do, however, want to give you a little bit of advice and some assurance because I know you'll need it.

Firstly, he is the one so let your guard down a bit more. I know it's hard and you're already more open with him than you've ever been but don't be afraid. You really were right never to stop fighting for him. I know it all got a bit complicated and the drama didn't make fourth year easy but it has all been worth it. Trust me. He loves you despite of all your quirks and the sooner you let go of the muddied past (her!), the stronger you'll become. It's so worth it and never worth giving up on.

Secondly, I know how much you hate school but see it though to the end. Get your butt into class no matter how much you don't want to. Do advanced higher art and history, maybe even higher Italian. If you don't you'll regret it in the end. Also, I know you haven't ever considered it but how about studying childcare or history at university? You'll think about it one day and wonder what would have been if you'd done that instead. Just consider it, that's all I ask. 

Don't move into that flat in the west end! It will be a drain of money you can't afford and if you save up that extra six months you will have the best first time flat you can imagine. Plus they don't leave for a whole year and your Christmas is ruined when they say they're coming back after four months! Plus something pretty spectacular joins you when you get this awesome flat; something you've wanted for ages!

But mostly, enjoy being young. Enjoy not really having to worry about money. Keep saving like an old miser though, it'll come in handy one day! Enjoy hanging out with friends while they still live nearby, growing up means some people move away and only some friendships are worth working hard for. I'm sure you know the one I mean. Enjoy spending time with family, including his. 

I know it all seems a bit coded and you're probably thinking I shouldn't tell you what to be doing but I'm not. I'm just saying how I, perhaps, wish things had worked out. Either way though, stay happy and bright, keep working hard and everything will work out. And, for heaven's sake, don't be afraid to try something new. Experiences are key to a happy and full life!

Oh, one more thing, start a blog, regularly post in it and don't be distracted by something else. Trust me, when you do you will love it and wonder why you hadn't before.

Future Debi

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  1. I loved reading your post! I did this last month after reading the book 'A letter to my 16 year old self' I really enjoyed thinking what I would tell myself


    1. Thank you. I'm just going to pop on over to your blog now and see!



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