Chalterhault Country Park

June 02, 2013

Hello ♥

As you know, I want this summer to be filled with new adventures with the other half and our dog, Roxie. After having a movie marathon day yesterday while the dog and I felt a little worse for wear, we thought that today we'd get out and about in the semi sunshine.

We didn't want to go to our usual haunts, Mugdock Country Park, Barshaw Park, Victoria Park. We wanted somewhere different. We wanted a new, little adventure. After scouring the Internet for ideas we came across somewhere a thirty minute drive away that neither of us had ever been to, Chalterhault Country Park.

It's absolutely lovely and boasts lots of different long or short walks. I'm annoyed that I forgot to take my camera (I remembered about it twenty minutes into the journey!) as there was plenty of lovely scenery and the woodland walks were gorgeous.  Roxie, the other half and I loved it and are shattered now!

We are already planning to go back again sometime soon when the weather is nice and I promise to take pictures then! Although, next time, I think we will really make a day of it and bring a picnic too.

Until next time!
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