Tuesday's Thought of the Day #1

June 04, 2013

Hello ♥

When looking to make my blog more structured I knew immediately that I wanted to include a weekly quote/sayings post. For a long time I've been obsessed by quotes to the degree that I used to write my favourite lines from books I was reading down in an notebook which I think I still have somewhere. So imagine the thrill I get from scouring Pinterest for new inspiration, pinning lots of lovely little sayings!

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Well? What did you read?

If I'm honest, I originally read "life is nowhere" but even before I'd finished reading my brain made me go back and re-read it as "life is now here." Maybe this was my brain's way of telling me to be more positive about life which is something I'm really trying to do just now.

Life is all about perspective. I haven't had the easiest passed two years and, to be honest, some days have been rather stressful and I'm surprised I get anything done. What I fail to remember sometimes is that I actually have it pretty good. Whilst I look at my life and see a lack of finances and dreams on hold, others will see my fiancé, my dog, my family and my nice flat and think that I have it all. Likewise, it would do me good to remember that people have it worse off than me! We just need to look at it in another light.

If we all began to look at our lives more positively would our lives seemingly get better? Would we be happier? Due to the fact that somedays we are more pessimistic, focussing on the negative, does that mean that we are missing out on the good?

I'm going to take the "life is now here" approach from now on and revel in the good. The truth is I only get to live this life once and so I really should be grasping each opportunity as it comes with both hands, remembering just how good life is. I'm also going to start living in the present, not concerned about the past or worrying about the future, just the here and now. Surely, that can only make me even happier.

What do you think? Leave me some comments and let me know!

Until next time.
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  1. What a great way to look at life! :)


  2. LOVE this! I read "Life is now here" and this is lovely. I am trying to look at life in the best positive way and I feel SO much better! :) Life is in fact now here so we should make the most of it! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Thanks. I'm definitely trying to live in the here and ow and make the most of all opportunities!


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