Tuesday's Thought of the Day #4

June 25, 2013

Hello ♥

I can't quite believe that I've been doing this for almost a month now. It's something I really look forward to though and I hope you do to!  If you missed last week's and want to see it again then you can find it HERE. 

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Ah, yes, you guessed it, another uplifting, life isn't so bad, good things are waiting around the corner kind of quote. Sometimes I find that I need to remind myself life isn't all doom and gloom and these are just another few words of wisdom that tell me to keep persevering.

If you had asked me seven years ago when I was leaving high school (gosh I'm getting old) if I I thought my life would be anything like it is now I'd have thought you were mad. I'd had big plans but the universe has enjoyed conspiring against me here and there, pushing me off track which means I've now also tried plans b, c and d! 

Plan A was to go to college and study television to get a job in the industry but for an amalgamation of reasons it never materialised. The television job market, especially in Glasgow, deteriorated right as I graduated from college. Timing couldn't be worse. Plan b didn't work when I couldn't find a job at all on my own and plan c was scrapped when I was made redundant from the only job I managed to secure. And plan d fell to pieces pretty quickly after its conception!

It sounds pretty bleak, doesn't it? One thing after another falling through or not working out. It doesn't have to be though. What it has taught me though is to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going. It's easy to get down and lazy when things aren't easily achieved but if I just keep going I will get there one day. I'm working on my plan e and it hasn't fallen apart yet so maybe this is the one.

Worst comes to the worst, I still have another 21 letters before I need to begin the alphabet again!

Until next time!

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