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July 01, 2013

Hello ♥

Now that it is July (I know, where has this year gone?!) it is officially the month I turn twenty-four. That means that I'm one year away from being a quarter of a century, an age I think that should be properly recognised. For that reason I have decided to make a list of 50 things I want to complete in a year (and nineteen days!). 

It was really tricky to come up with so many ideas. Some of them are just "dreams" whilst others are completely achievable goals. Having said that, I have tried not to list things that are just not going to happen, like ideally I would like to go Paris in the next year but with everything else on my list I wouldn't be able to afford it!

I would like to keep monthly updates of what I have managed to achieve and I'm hoping that I can do a good number of things on my list. Do you think I can do it?

 photo image-76.jpgThe best things about birthdays - my sister's low sugar cakes!

Before I'm 25 | 1st July 2013 - 19th July 2014

1) Get married or at least set a date for later in 2014
2) Go on holiday
3) Reach 150 followers on this little blog
4) Cook or bake something new every month (0/12)
5) Go to Blairdrummond Safari Park
6) Go to every home match in the rugby season
7) Make a new friend
8) Catch up with my oldest best friend at least four times
9) Make five crafts I have pinned on Pinterest (0/5)
10) Save a little a month for a rainy day
11) Read 25 books (0/25)
12) Paint the spare room
13) Take a day every second week off from looking at the internet
14) Go make-up less at least one day a week
15) Watch 50 movies I've never seen before (0/50)
16) Make a list of all the things that made me happy in this year and keep it safe
17) Make a list of all the places I went and things I did this year
18) See Wicked again
19) Take lots of pictures
20) Compile a photo album of all the photos taken in a year
21) Go out for dinner somewhere lovely with the other half
22) Go to Edinburgh Zoo and see those pandas!
23) See the Northern Lights
24) Read more poetry
25) Write poetry again
26) Get an income
27) Play a board game once a week
28) Buy a new bedding set
29) Learn a new skill such as knitting
30) Get my orchid to bloom again
31) Make a collection of my favourite recipes
32) Eat something I've never tried before
33) Get a new passport
34) Dye my hair a different colour than brown
35) Hold my new niece or nephew
 36) Write a letter that I can open on my 30th birthday
 37) Try a new flavour of ice-cream
38) Fill our Terrimundi Engagement Pot
39) Grow my hair
40) Take up hula hopping as an exercise
41) Get a perfectly flat and toned stomach
42) Apply more thrifty habits to life
43) Visit a museum or art gallery I've never been to
44) Go to the beach
45) Go to the cinema to see a movie I really want to see
46) Try ice-tea
47) Bake a birthday cake
48) Learn to drive, even just a teeny bit
49) Sleep in a tent
50) Have a picnic

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  1. I really like this list and might steal some of the ideas :) My favorite one was number 31 because I love food! <3

    xoxo -B ♡

  2. I really like this list and might steal some of the ideas :) My favorite one was number 31 because I love food! <3

  3. I believe in you! You can do it in time for your birthday! Have you ever seen 'Some Like It Hot'? Anyways, there's a quote from there that made me think of your post. "A quarter of a century, makes a girl think..." Hope you have a great month!


    1. Thank you :) I've actually never seen Some Like It Hot. Maybe it should be on my list of watching 50 movies I've never seen before (15)!



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