Blairdrummond Safari Park

July 07, 2013

Hello ♥

I've got a lovely little treat for you today if you love animals and safari parks!

Yesterday, despite worrying all week, the sun was shining so we packed a picnic, jumped in the car and headed to Blairdrummond Safari Park, near Stirling in Scotland. I have fond memories of going there as a child with my family and couldn't wait to make some more memories with the other half.

I know that safari parks tend to be "family friendly" zones and maybe aren't as targeted towards couples in their twenties in the same way but it was such a fantastic way to spend the day for two animal lovers such as ourselves.  I am also aware that some people feel that wild animals should not be kept in captivity. Whilst I agree to a point, I am entirely grateful to have the opportunity to see such beautiful creatures that I otherwise would never get to see so close. Obviously all the animals were extremely well cared for.

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pictures. I took almost 200 so I've had to be ruthless and only pick a few to show you! enjoy.

Me and the other half in the sunshine

    photo DSC01922.jpg 
Zebras charging about with giraffes

    photo DSC01951.jpg 
Birds of Prey Show - Yellow-billed Kite, Gypsy
Birds of Prey Show - Bengal Eagle Owl, Tyla

Birds of Prey Show  -  Red legged Seriema, Phoenix 

   photo DSC01962.jpg
Sea Lion Show - Barley & Bella 

Sea Lion, Bella
One of the other Sea Lions sunning itself 

Cute little meerkats

   photo DSC01985.jpg 
 Ring-tailed Lemur

   photo DSC01997.jpg 
 Zebras are so pretty

   photo DSC02004.jpg 
 Up close and personal with the giraffes

   photo DSC02010.jpg 
 So close to the Common Brown Lemur. Looked so fluffy!

   photo DSC02013.jpg 
 Ring- tailed lemur would not stop licking the ground

   photo DSC02034.jpg 
 Cutest little otters

   photo DSC02045.jpg 
 Amur Tigers

   photo DSC02050.jpg 
 Southern White Rhino walked right out in front of our car

   photo DSC02056.jpg 
 Look at those horns!

   photo DSC02063.jpg 
 Sleepy, yawning tiger

  photo DSC02067.jpg 
The Amur Tigers

Until next time!

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  1. Such beautiful photos! I would love to see a rhino so up close and personal.. I also want to visit Scotland one day :)

    -Celine xo

    1. Thanks. Scotland is absolutely beautiful when it isn't raining!


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