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July 18, 2013

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When I saw this post on HaySparkle I just could not resist. As a lot of you will know, I am on a bit of a crazy kick to achieve a lot of goals with my list of 50 things to do before I'm 25. Well, Money Supermarket is currently running a fantastic competition where all you have to do is write a blog post detailing "one budget" and "one extravagant" item that you have on your bucket list. The lucky winner will receive £1,000 towards it with the prize potentially increasing to £2,000 if more than 50 people enter! £50 will also be given to 4 lucky runners-up. Amazing!

I am aware that everyone's idea of extravagant and budget is different therefore I have decided to use the prizes on offer to give an idea of just how extravagant I should think. My budget item will cost around £50 and whilst my extravagant item won't cost only £1,000, it will go a huge way to making it possible.

Note: my budget item is not on my 50 things to do before I'm 25 list but is on my long term bucket list!

Budget: Learn to play the fiddle
 photo fb1f9b82-c2da-416d-82ca-ccef6202ca8b.jpg
Yes, I know these aren't fiddles but they are my other half's guitars and banjo

I am not the most musically talented person ever but for about 4 years I have wanted to learn to play the fiddle, like in a Scottish ceilidh band.  It sounds amazing and looks like such fun to play so why not give it a go?

 photo bd56d779-0d5b-47fa-aa03-f99eb19d4f6a.jpg
 His beloved banjo

My other half is so talented when it comes to music and has umpteen guitars and even a banjo. It makes me so jealous as I love music and have always wanted to be able to play an instrument! There's only one small problem: at the moment I can't justify spending money on an instrument I might not learn how to play properly, not when there's bills that take priority! It's one of these things that I'll just have to treat myself to in the future. I'm sure if I did manage to buy my fiddle I'd try my best to learn and would be able to get a couple of songs right!

Extravagant: Get Married
 photo 08ceec5a-074e-4257-a811-9974635cc7ae.jpg
My sister's wedding cake 

 photo laurasflowers.png
Beautiful wedding bouquet 

Don't get me wrong I know that £1,000 (or £2,000) doesn't get you very far in the world of weddings. Trust me, I have done a lot of research. However, after being engaged for over two years I have worked out a way to keep our costs fairly low. We only have a budget of about £5000 but it is taking us a painfully long time to save thanks to unemployment.  We have managed to save almost half so if I won this competition I know my dream of becoming Mrs. T. would be that step closer to becoming a reality.

 photo lcake.jpg
You can never have enough cake

It would allow us to set our date, put a deposit on our venue and start booking which, if I'm honest, is about the only thing I really want at the moment. If I could complete this on my bucket list, I kid you not, I would be the happiest girl alive. After being together eight years in August, it would make my day to be able to actually get our plans in motion so that I can marry the man of my dreams!

Fingers crossed!

Think that this sounds like a fantastic competition and want to enter? You can find out all the details HERE  I also suggest this competition to:

Until next time!
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