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July 22, 2013

On Saturday I got a lovely little tweet from Donna at Miss Ruby July saying that she had tagged me for the Liebster award. I was so excited (is that a little sad?) as I love reading lots of different blogger's Liebster award posts.  It is a great idea to help you discover new blogs with fewer than 200 followers whilst learning more about the blogger, in this case me!

If your want to see what Miss Ruby July had to say you can find it HERE. I highly recommend you do. Thank you so much for tagging me!

There's just a few simple rules:

Each nominee should answer the 11 questions by the tagger. 
Choose 11 bloggers to pass the award to and link them in your post.
Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
Go to their page and tell them about their nomination.
No tag backs!

1.  What is your favourite meal?
Oh, I don't know! How can I just choose one? I do love when my other half makes me fajitas but then again, maybe that's partly why it  is my favourite; I don't have to make it!

2. What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Well up until Friday I probably would have said my birthday.  It was awesome, in case you're wondering! Now, it's probably this next week whilst my other half is on holiday from work.  We won't be doing much but I love having him around the house. I'm also looking forward to when we actually go away on holiday for a for four days at the beginning of August.

3.  What's your favourite song and why?
Well this is another hard one if I'm honest. I am a big music lover but that isn't really unique interest to have. "Tiger Feet" by Mud always brings back great memories of being little on holiday and watching my parents dance though.

4.  Where did your blog name come from?
When my sister and I were younger we used to have little silly "nicknames" for each other. I used to call her Lollipop Stick (I have no idea why) and she used to call me Dib-Dab-Debs. This was because of the sweets called Dip-Dab which had a lolly that you dipped into sherbet. The "dip-dab" part of the name just became "Dib-dab" over time. In all honesty, I just thought to might be a cute name for my everything kind of blog.

5.  What's your favourite high-end make up brand and why?
Big confession here: I have never owned nor tried a high-end make up brand. I don't have the expendable cash to buy such things and even if I did I'm not sure I would buy them. I'm a saver, not a spender!

6.  What's your biggest pet peeve?
I'm not sure if it is my biggest pet peeve but when I asked my other half what he would say it was he came up with this and it's pretty accurate. I really hate it when people don't shut the kitchen cupboard doors. I mean how hard can it be? It's just the reverse of opening then in the first place. Plus, then you can see the clutter in the cupboard which really annoys me!

7.  If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
One colour? I love the colour purple but me in purple jeans? I just can't see that ever happening. So as boring as it sounds probably blue.
8.  Describe your perfect Friday night.
This is so easy. My ideal Friday night is to put on about five different layers and head out to sit in the cold for two hours. Sounds mental, right? Truth is I'm a massive rugby fan (season ticket holder mad) and I enjoy nothing more than heading along to our home ground on a Friday night to watch my team play and, of course, it is even better when we win! When I come home I liked you get a cuddle from the dog, a kiss from the other half, snuggle down with a hot chocolate and watch some tv. No wild nights out on the town drinking for me!

9.  What's your favourite perfume?
I have four. I change my perfume seasonally. For some reason wearing super floral scent in winter just doesn't seem right. In Spring I like Ghost (I think it's the original one). In Summer I like Paul Smith Rose. In August it has to be Flower by Kenzo and Winter's perfume is Deep Night by Ghost. I do wear others every once in a while but these are my favourites.

10. What 3 things can you not leave the house without?
My phone, my house keys and, nine time out of ten, my dog! Haha.

11. Apart from your blog, what website do you spend the most time on?
Probably Pinterest. I could spend hours looking at wedding, fashion and home decor on that site. For a while I had an unhealthy obsession with looking at Harry Potter things too. If you want to follow me on Pinterest THIS is me.

Now my questions for you...
1. What made you want to start blogging?
2. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself.
3. If you could only ever buy beauty products again or clothes, which would you choose and why?
4. What is the first band you ever saw in concert?
5. What is one country you would like to visit that you have never been to before and why?
6. What is your favourite hobby?
7. If you could have any celebrity's wardrobe, who's would you choose?
8. Do you have a favourite season? If so, what is it and why?
9. What is your dream career?
10. What is your favourite film?
11. Are you morning person or a night time kind of person?

I tag these wonderful bloggers:
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11. Millie at Smudges of Thought

Until next time!
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  1. thanks for nominating me! Not sure when i'll get round to doing this! i could spend ages on Pinterest too i just love it :)

  2. Great answers, Debi! The 'favourite song' one is one I actually hate being asked! As a music teacher, my taste in music is very wide, but I'm always interested to know what other people would say! Hope you enjoyed the tag :) x

    Donna | Miss Ruby July

    1. I love music too but it's so hard to narrow it down to one song. I have favourite songs for different moods and seasons! Haha

      Debi x


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