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July 01, 2013

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He asked. I said yes.

Hello ♥

Today marks the second anniversary of getting engaged. Yes, two years ago my lovely other half brought me to his parents house while they were on holiday with the promise of pizza and movies and I walked away with a pretty ring. Best day of my life. So far.

Only problem is that we still don't have a date for the next best day of my life. Yes, it's true. We don't actually know when we are going to get married. The talk of weddings amongst our families died down pretty quickly and it seemed that only I remembered we were even engaged! It's something we very much want to do its just the universe hasn't really been on our side.

Weddings are expensive. Really expensive. Even the cheap ones. Everything revolves around a date and a venue. Without them you can't hire a photographer or cars and you certainly can't send out invitations. So how do you set a date? Well, I might not have a date (thanks finances) but I do have a few tips that might help.

1. Start by narrowing down the time of year.
Is there a season that you've wanted to get married in? Maybe you'd like a spring wedding as all the flowers are starting to bloom or maybe an autumn wedding full of falling leaves with that beautiful autumnal glow. Maybe a month sticks out in your mind for one reason or another. Remember that there are peak and off-peak times for weddings. Summer weddings often cost more than winter.

2. Try to avoid special occasions, such as birthdays.
This might feel impossible if you are inviting a lot of people but try not to choose a date that is already someone's birthday or a special occasion, like the week of Christmas. If people's calendars are "free" around the date of your wedding then you may be able to get more help for your preparations as the day nears. Plus, more guests should be able to come.

3. Be aware public holidays might not be as good a deal as you thought.
Yes, whilst it might be great for particularly your travelling guests that your wedding is at a long weekend it might not be for you. Many venues add extra costs to get married on public holidays and this is something to keep in mind especially if you have a tight budget.

4. Don't discount weekdays.
I know that weekends are easiest for you and your guests as many people work a Monday to Friday kind of job. However, if you are on a strict budget often venues offer discounted prices to get married Monday to Thursday. Also, remember to check if your dream venue even has your date in mind free. If it doesn't have the weekend available maybe switching to a Thursday will mean you still get your venue but at a lower cost!

5. Remember your budget. (This is what is sticking us!)
This might sound crazy at first but hear me out. When you book for your wedding many of the services you hire allow you to pay a deposit before requiring the payment in full around the week (or month) of your wedding. Before setting a date it is important to know when you will have saved the money needed to pay for all of this. It's important to sit down and look at how much you save a month purely for the wedding and see how long it'll take before you've got your budget.

I've set a deadline of the end of this year to have a date to get married. That's right, we've set a date to set a date. But hey, at least it's a step in the right direction. By the end of this year we should be able to properly look at our finances and see how much we can save a month for our wedding and then be able to set a date. Exciting times lie ahead.

I hope these tips have helped anyone out there thinking about how to set a date. Are you getting married? How did you set a date?

Until next ime!

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  1. Congratulations for the wedding :)


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