What I'm Loving This Week #5

July 04, 2013

Hello ♥

Wow, is this really my fifth week doing favourites? No wonder its beginning to get hard to think of new things.  This week has been particularly quiet. My family are on holiday without me (boo), the other half is unwell (oh dear) and the weather has been miserable (typical) so it has been hard to find some new things to love.

If you missed last week's post then you can find it HERE. Anyway, on with what I'm loving this week!

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Food: Nerds
 When I was little I used to get these on occasion. I don't ever remember having them very often so they definitely were a treat. Sadly, they have become increasingly hard to find. Obviously, when the other half and I spotted them while out shopping at the weekend we just had to have them. We got the wild cherry and watermelon flavour and they certainly didn't disappoint and were as good as I remembered!

Place: Glasgow
I took my first trip in ages into Glasgow at the weekend and was reminded just how much I love the city. When I was at college or working I was always in the city, literally walking miles every day but since being made redundant I've only been in a handful of times. To be honest, I kind of miss it. It's crazy to see how much has changed even since the last time I was there. (January?)  I really love the architecture in the city centre and, of course, the shops too! Even in the rain it wasn't half bad.

New Shops: Forever 21 and Paperchase
One of the reasons we went into Glasgow was because I wanted to go to the new Forever 21. I don't know why, I wasn't to buy anything for myself! I loved the layout of the shop and, what feels like, the huge clothes selection. I think Forever 21 is such good value for the price and some of the stuff is absolutely gorgeous!
Also recently opened, I think, is a Paperchase. Now, I'm a bit mental when it comes to stationery and artsy stuff (even my other half thinks so) and so naturally I was thrilled to go in and have a wee nosey. I managed to resist temptation even though I was desperate to buy some new notebooks, a book for recipes and photo albums. Maybe I'll get some for my birthday. Hint! Hint!

 photo DSC01885.jpg
Book: Stone Cold by David Baldacci
My dad introduced me to David Baldacci books a few years ago and as we have similar tastes in novels, I knew I'd love them and I really do. My dad and I actually swapped our Baldacci books last week (thanks, dad) and so now I'm reading Stone Cold and enjoying it. I've been slacking on reading recently and thanks to Baldacci books I'm slowly getting back into it.

What have you been loving this week that you'd recommend?

Until next time!

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