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August 09, 2013


If you follow me on twitter or have read this week's previous posts then you will know that last weekend I was on holiday in the north of England with my other half and his family.  The fifteen of us (yes that's right, fifteen) stayed in four caravans at Haggerston Castle Holiday Park in Northumberland from Friday to Monday.

After writing list upon list to make sure we didn't forget anything, the other half and I finished packing in the morning leaving us with time to play a couple of games of Call of Duty before leaving to make the trip to Northumberland.

 photo DSC02212.jpg

We arrived at Haggerston Castle Holiday Park about 4pm and checked in and unpacked. The other half's family soon started to arrive and we took a walk around with the dog before having some Papa John's pizza for dinner. After we met for a couple of drinks before returning to my other half's parents' caravan for a catch up.

We got up bright and early to make the trip to Bamburgh where we walked around a little car boot sale right beside the castle despite the rain.

 photo 53b27855-e88c-4124-bf46-48c3dc66cd04.jpg

 photo 33eac49a-8f6b-4fd6-bdf6-f6eb499a340f.jpg

 photo 789e2497-ce6a-4db0-9c63-8fbe83453bcd.jpg

 photo 86460ef0-72d9-40bf-a2a9-01881f786a1e.jpg

We then went to the R.N.L.I. museum about Grace Darling, a lighthouse keeper's daughter who famously helped to rescue survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire in 1838. Then it was back to the caravan for some lunch and board games before we went to the pool; mostly to watch our nephew jump in time and time again. After a big family dinner the other half went and played pool and I won two out of the three games we played. Go me!

Sunday was, by far, the busiest day of our holiday. Again we got up bright and early this time to go to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Whilst there we saw Lindisfarne Priory and Lindisfarne Castle and we also found a lovely secluded beach. We also saw some beautiful owls in a small Birds of Prey stall.

 photo 08b5688b-5a23-40df-a554-bda7e6f2783c.jpg

 photo f7a51ddd-4a88-495b-837c-58e589117171.jpg

Look out for a more in depth post about our trip to the Holy Island this Sunday!

After lunch I read in the sunshine while the other half played golf with his dad, uncle and brother-in-law. Yes, I became a golf widow for a few hours. Then we all got together to sit in the sunshine and give the other half's dad his birthday presents before embarking on a game of rounders which my team won thanks to me and my two (or was it three?) home runs.  I really don't know how I did it. I remember when I was awful at rounders.

Then we had dinner before playing pool again which this time I lost two-one. Again we met up with the family and spent time with the nephew in particular before calling it a night and shuffling off to bed.

On Monday we decided to visit Alnwick before heading home and so we packed our things into the car and checked out early.
 photo 495e9b24-7a3f-4c45-b2df-cd746fc97570.jpg
Sir Henry Percy aka Harry Hotspur Statue in Alnwick

 photo 7a34e46e-81ea-47d3-9d5d-cf7bd846c298.jpg

 photo 5560c89f-a296-42a4-9581-e7c92fa0557b.jpg

Despite the heavy rain we wandered with the dog around Alnwick town centre which had a market place before stopping at Alwnick Castle to take pictures by the road. The scene of the first flying lesson in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was filmed at Alnwick Castle in case you didn't know!

 photo 3bb2e462-757c-4325-af03-348934f5e153.jpg

 photo 113de4c4-eca0-47d9-9cbc-d34f83c3d5d3.jpg We then packed our soggy doggy back in the car and began the long journey back home.

I hope that you enjoyed this post even if it ended up being a lot longer than intended! All in all, it was a brilliant break and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Already I'm wondering where my next holiday will be. Better get saving those pennies!

Until next time!

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  1. Lovely photography! looks like a really nice place

    Nice blog

    1. Thank you very much. Shame the weather wasn't always better when I was taking some of the photos!

      Debi x


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