The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

August 11, 2013


Last Sunday, whilst on holiday in Northumberland, the other half and I spent the morning on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The sun was shining so we packed the dog into the car and set off. To get to the island you must cross a causeway which connects the island to the Northumberland mainland.  This stretch of road gets flooded by the tides twice a day.

 photo 35761c63-e824-4908-8125-8c592ce8ca04.jpg
The causeway whilst the tide was out

I particularly wanted to visit the Holy Island due to the fact that in 793AD the Vikings raided Lindisfarne and I have had an unhealthy obsession about the Vikings since I was eight years old. The village is absolutely lovely but to be honest, there wasn't much about the Vikings raid.  To me it still felt somewhat cool to be the same place as the Vikings were hundreds of years ago.

 photo 4c28f61f-6696-4c49-bc25-77c00ae67729.jpg
The view of Lindisfarne Priory from the harbour

We walked through the town, down some incredibly adorable alleys and even saw some owls at a Birds of Prey stall. We also saw the Lindisfarne Priory and the 16th Century Lindisfarne Castle which was in a vulnerable position to attack not only from the Vikings in 793AD but from the Scots.

 photo ab65caa9-cd31-434a-8944-26ceeb577091.jpg
Owls in the town centre

 photo 07627e40-6dc4-4b0b-ac89-8a9fdfd85850.jpg
Wandering through the little streets 

 photo 030c1b2f-df12-4ce0-abc6-2c1711b8944e.jpg
The Lindisfarne Priory

 photo c32b21fb-40ec-4fc7-9aa2-82fc0caea48e.jpg
Lindifarne Castle

From the harbour you can see both Lindisfarne Castle and Lindisfarne Priory. In the distance it is possible to spot Bamburgh Castle which we had visited on Saturday.

 photo 300532f5-d53e-4db5-898f-367b2fae4e55.jpg
Bamburgh Castle in the distance

 photo 904f75ef-41ef-401c-af45-af8349ba9fa1.jpg
The harbour

We also found a beautifully secluded beach behind a large stretch of sand dunes. The beach was empty apart from literally two other people with their dogs and they were ages away from us.  We walked for about some distance to reach the shore where we found out that the dog wasn't so keen on the water. However, she sure loved bounding about on the sand with the wind in her face.

 photo fbba58d9-a9e9-4a04-81e9-05cc93ac5471.jpg
Beautiful blue sea. Spot the jelly fish!

 photo 79da33ae-1e36-491e-b43b-ab06a4fcfc50.jpg
The pooch with the wind in her face, loving the beach

There you have it: our lovely morning spent on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne! 

Until next time!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time :)
    It looks such a beautiful peaceful place too :)

    1. It was gorgeous. We had an amazing time!

      Debi x

  2. This looks so beautiful! And your wee dog is lovely! xxx

    1. Thank you. We genuinely fell in love with our dog the moment we saw her. She's such a cutie.

      Debi x


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