Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn

September 23, 2013

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Hello ♥

It is no secret that I am a summer girl, always have been, always will be. I love summer. The holidays, the sunshine, the heat, my birthday, what isn't to love about summer? It's fantastic. When summer began it's slippery decent into autumn I can't deny that I was a tiny bit disappointed. The season always promises so much hope and my mood is always lifted. I wasn't ready to have to suffer weeks of rain, blustery winds and low temperatures before the frost and snow kicks in at winter.

The blogging world seems to have a lot of autumn worshippers and I am finally beginning to see why. Instead of only seeing the reasons I'm not a fan of autumn (the cold and rain, mainly) I have decided to take it upon myself to see only the good in the season.

When I think of autumn in a positive light I immediately think of the sun shimmering through gorgeous yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves. Beautiful streams of leaves dancing in the air as they slowly drift through the air and nestle on the ground. The sound of crisp, dry leaves crunching under my boots on a chilly morning as I walk the dog. Autumn is a really beautiful season.

I would like to warn those of you who think it would be oh-so-cute to roll in the autumn leaves or throw them about for fantastic photographs that it actually isn't a good idea. One of my sisters tells a story about a girl in her class in primary school who thought it would be fun to play in the leaves one playtime. She then had to spend half an hour having slugs removed from her hair over the classroom sink. Not fun.

For me, autumn is a time for cosy jumpers, thick socks, woolly hats and copious amounts of hot drinks. As the nights get darker quicker there is all the more reason to pull out my masses of candles and make my house smell absolutely amazing. I don't feel as guilty turning down a night out in favour of a night in. Who wants to go out in the cold anyway? Sitting snuggled up on the couch, candles flickering as we watch a film is seriously one of my favourite things.

So instead of feeling down that summer has come and gone for another year, I'm actually starting to look forward to autumn. Now where are my cosy jumpers?

Until next time!

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  1. I've certainly come to love autumn a lot more since moving to the midwest. After a boiling summer, autumn coolness is very welcome and just the colours of the trees are nothing like i've ever seen before!

    1. Whilst I'm jealous of your boiling hot summer, I totally get what you mean! The colours of autumn are always amazing!

      Debi x

  2. I love Autumn I think you can see that on my blog haha raelly obsessed haha xx


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