If I Won The Lottery

September 16, 2013

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Hello ♥

I am not going to lie to you (why would I? We're friends) but I spend an alarming amount of my time day dreaming about how I would spend my money if I won the lottery. Looking at houses, thinking of décor ideas, envisioning myself on amazing holidays and having a modest wedding are all par for the course. Now, I'm not a greedy person so I've only really come up with a plan for if I was to win a million pounds. 

1. Share the Wealth
My family has done so much for me over the years that I would have to spoil them by giving them all some money to spend as they see fit.  I'd like to think that perhaps I could help to pay off their mortgages or help them put a deposit down on a house. Maybe, they'd like to take a dream holiday that they have never been able to. No matter what, before I got around to spending the money on myself I would share the wealth amongst my family. I should state that this also includes the other half's family!
Not being a selfish person, I would also set up a charity that the other half and I both thought was a worthy cause. I don't now what for yet but we can decide that when we win the money! 

2. Get Married
Despite now being millionaires in this hypothetical situation, I would still want a fairly small, modest wedding. I would happily pay that little bit extra to have it held in a really gorgeous hotel, have a great photographer and beautiful wedding rings but I wouldn't want to go over the top.  That just isn't me. The guest list for the ceremony would still be around fifty with more evening guests for the reception.  The big difference would be that we wouldn't have to worry about money. We would also be able to have a honeymoon which would be a big bonus.

3. Buy a New House
Don't get me wrong I love my little two bedroom flat but, let's be honest, if I had just won a million pounds you'd better believe I'd be buying a nice house. If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me mention my obsession for looking at houses for sale online. I love spending time envisioning how I would decorate a house or what it would be like to live somewhere amazing.
 For about £300k you can get a really lovely 5 bedroom house in the same area my parents live. Yes please! I will need space for the children now that I'm wealthy enough to start a family. What I really want from a new house is room for kids (check), a big garden for the dog (check), a study/office for me (check) and space for a games room for the other half (check). That's not a lot to ask for once I'm a millionaire, is it?

4. Learn to Drive
Yes, I am 24. No, I still don't know how to drive. I think it's just a pretty big expense just now whilst I don't have the money and a list of other priorities. Obviously I would want to learn to drive once I had lots of spare cash just lying around. Also, a new Vauxhall Insignia would have to be bought for the other half and I would have to have a think about what car I would want...

5. Holidays
This would be my perfect opportunity to visit all the places I haven't yet had the chance to see. I could take the other half to Estonia. We could visit Paris, Rome, Venice, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, the list is endless. We could enjoy city breaks, beach holidays, sightseeing trips, sleep in fancy hotels, eat amazing food in expensive restaurants. Oh, the opportunities!

6. Start My Business
Okay, so you're thinking why start a business when you just won a million hypothetical pounds? Well, honestly, I would want my own business because I would be able to actually live my dream of being financially independent. Plus, it would be awesome to spend my down time (when the kids are at school or in bed) making my crafts for sale without the pressure of being able to turn a profit.

That's how I would spend £1million and, according to my budgeting, I would still have plenty of cash to spare for a good few years. What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you want any of the things that I have mentioned?

Until next time!

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  1. If i won the lottery i would travel around the world, buy an house in California, live there with my friends, have a walk-in closet and give some money to my family (mom, dad and brother).
    I wish we could grant our desire one day! :)

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    1. Oh, a walk in closet would be amazing!

      Debi x

  2. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC,(30) would you mind to follow back?


    Come visit me <3

  3. such a lovely post. if i won the lottery, i would buy my own house, learn to drive/buy a car, learn a language (as i don't have time to whilst working), work in various animal sanctuary's around the world and do something really nice for my parents!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new Chanel cream blush giveaway here, if you like!

    1. I love the idea of spending some money working in animal sanctuaries around the world! :)

      Debi x


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