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September 26, 2013

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Whilst I would never call myself sporty, I really do enjoy sports. I actually spend quite a large percentage of my time watching sports. I grew up watching football (soccer if you are American) and playing netball for my primary school team. Now I love watching rugby and my Sunday evenings have become filled with watching American football while I participate in blogger chats. So sticking with the sports and exercise theme today...

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B is for Badminton & Bellydancing

I touched on both of these in my 50 Facts About Me post a couple of weeks ago but thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to give you a bit more information on them!

From a young age my sister and I enjoyed playing badminton together. There were no real set rules and the gentle breeze of the outdoors never made it easy but it was a great way to spend a summer's afternoon when we were growing up.  

In primary seven, there was an after school badminton club run by our deputy headteacher once a week. Here we learnt all the rules as well as the basics of the sport, and the best of those in the club were picked to be on the school team, myself being one of them.  We played in one tournament in which me and my doubles partner made it to the quarter finals before being put out of the competition by fifteen year old girls. We were eleven.

My school also held a singles badminton championship which I am pleased to say I won.   I think I had to play three or four games before reaching my final but I was ecstatic to win and I'm not lying when I say it is probably my greatest sporting achievement to date!

Now every Sunday I am joined by three out of my five sisters for an hour of doubles badminton. Whilst we might not be the best (we aren't) it is a lot of fun and we spend most of the hour laughing which is always a bonus. My two other sisters go swimming with the other half but seeing as I can't swim it would be pointless for me to join them!

When I was sixteen I attended a belly dancing class for a year. It focussed on the typical cabaret style of the dance until we formed a smaller group of six which dealt with the darker, tribal fusion style.  Each week we would spend an hour rehearsing tribal fusion routines before the rest of the class would join us for cabaret. I only actually performed once at a hafla as my exams got in the way and I had to stop the classes due to other commitments but it was still something that I enjoyed. Plus, people are always a little surprised when I say I used to belly dance and that's pretty cool.

What type of dance or sports do you like or have tried?

Until next time!

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This is part two of my series. You can see the Letter A HERE.
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  1. I have done a little bellydancing myself a few years ago just to stay in shape, then I got bored of it but I do like to see when a good dancer does it!! xx


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