Tuesday's Thought of the Day #14

September 03, 2013

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As I have grown older more and more friendships have fallen apart. Nine times out of ten, it is not the fault of either myself or my now ex-friend.  There has been no dramatic argument that resulted in us declaring we would never speak again.  Instead, in most cases, it has been that life has just gotten in the way and we have drifted apart.  It is easy to maintain friendships at school, college or work when you see each other day in and day out but when you have different jobs and live in different cities it's easy to let friendships fall to the back of your mind.

The best kinds of friendships, and indeed the ones worth working at, are the ones that allow you to grow up and change without growing apart.  I have a friend from high school, Julie, that I see about once a year.  We live in different cities, she has an important job, I have family commitments. It can be really hard to make time for each other now that we have grown up. There's no point in denying it; we have changed, we like different things.

What I love about my friendship with Julie is that despite the fact that we see each  other so rarely she is still the first one I go to when I have some sort of news. When there was a lot of drama at the beginning of the year and I genuinely felt as though there was no one I could talk to openly about it, I turned to her and she was the shoulder I needed to cry on.  Now I make it my mission to talk to her at least once a month because I know that this friendship is really worth it.  

Sure, we've grown up. We've changed. We are not the same fourteen year old girls sitting together in Chemistry, muddling through the experiments while sharing in our own secret jokes. We don't spend hours on the phone after school discussing the latest drama in our group of friends or discussing our crushes. Now we talk about relationships, work and family.  When I'm having a down day, I know I can send her a text or a facebook message and she will understand. 

That is what friendship is.  It's being able to grow separately and have different lives without ever growing apart and losing that closeness. I'm glad I have this friendship and I really, truly hope that it's forever.

Until next time!

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  1. I loved this post. Love, love, love it! Its a shame other people couldn't think more like you! I work full-time now after dropping out of college and have drifted with so many 'best friends' who now talk about me behind my back making out I've done something wrong. People don't understand that, no, I cant go to student night every Wednesday when I have work the next day or no, I cant drop everything to go to the beach or shopping easy but that does not mean I want us to stop being friends! Its so sad! :( Well done for an amazing post! I've followed you on BlogLovin'!

    1. Thank you so much. It's a shame that some of your friends are talking about you behind your back. They shouldn't make you feel bad for taking control of your life. It's hard when you have a lot going on and others don't understand why you can't go out. I think I lost a few friends this way because of the anxiety I sometimes suffer from. True friends stick around though.

      Debi x

  2. Loving this quote! Very true Debi :)
    That is exactly what true friendships are about :)
    Anna :)

    1. It's definitely one of my favourite quotes about friendships!

      Debi x


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