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October 14, 2013

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Hello ♥

Today I thought I would treat you to another nail of the day. As I have said before I am not particularly skilled at nail art so this time I have opted for a simple polka dot design. I don't have any of the handy little nail art tools so I, rather ingeniously, used a cocktail stick with the end cut off to  help create fairly even sized spots.

The black paint I used was Barry M Nail Paint in Black (NP47). I really love how two coats is enough to make the colour opaque. I'm also grateful that it doesn't take an age to dry as I am hopeless at sitting still for any length of time and invariably end up with smudged nails!

For the little blue polka dots I used Essie Avenue Maintain which I had gifted to me by a rather lovely blogger friend! I've never owned an Essie nail polish before but I love it. The formula is great, it is pretty quick drying and this blue colour is gorgeous! 

What do you think of my simple nail art? Are you able to do more adventurous things with your nails?

Until next time!

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  1. I love polka dot nails but my nails are big enough to do them! Need to start growing them properly haha! x

    1. I like to keep my nails pretty short really. That's why polka dots and simple stripes are my ideal type of nail art! Simple!

      Debi x


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