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October 31, 2013


The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment in the lead up to Christmas that I already find myself on the letter G! Unsurprisingly, just like pretty much everyone else on the planet, I enjoy listening to music and, consequently I have seen a number of bands live. Therefore it comes as no surprise that...
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G is for Gigs

The first gig I ever went to was Bon Jovi on their Bounce tour back in 2003 when I was thirteen. For the record, this is infinitely cooler than my other half's first gig which was Steps, although he will tell you it was Rammstein. My big sister, Emmy, who was a huge fan bought us all tickets for Christmas so we could go. To be fair, it was a pretty cool first gig to go to even if we were miles from the stage and pretty much reduced to watching them on screen as it was in a local football stadium.

I have probably been to more than twenty gigs over the years (I can't remember just how many times I saw certain bands) and so, it is probably best if I condense this post into my top five gigs. Here we go!

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1. KISS (May 2010)
My dad, four of my five sisters, the other half and I all went to see them in 2010 for their Sonic Boom tour. They might have been OAPs but these guys put on one hell of a show and the performance was outstanding. I have the live recording of our gig somewhere that includes all the chat in between songs. I actually would rather listen to the live recording rather than the studio albums because it is just absolutely amazing. I had been fan since I was a kid because my dad listened to them and so it was awesome to see them live.

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2. Matchbox 20 (2003 & 2008)
 Matchbox 20 was the first band I ever saw with just my three big sisters. Despite, having blood taken earlier in the day, I had an absolutely amazing time and I think this is what got me hooked on gigs.  They were supported by Maroon 5 (before they were huge) who we would go to see soon after.When we went to see them again in 2008, they were incredible again and I absolutely loved every second.

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3. Jason Mraz (2008, I think)
 We had been fans of Jason Mraz for a couple of years before we went to see him live. He was such a cool guy and his music is just so beautiful. I love all his albums; old and new, and often find mysel listening to them now. We met him after the gig and he was such a shy and down to earth kind of guy. His band mate Toca  Rivera was absolutely hilarious and nice as ninepence too! Please excuse my dorky smile!

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4. Maroon 5 (2004, 2005, & 2007, I think)
I have seen Maroon 5 perform three times but I just can't remember what year. My favourite gig with them, by far, was the first one which was in a little club in Glasgow before they were really well known. There was a nice atmosphere, there was no screaming from thousands of girls and I wasn't being crushed half to death! We also had the chance to hang chat with the guys after the show and, back then at least, they were all really cool and lovely. We went on to meet Mickey and Jesse a further time.

5. Blink 182 (2010)
When I heard that Blink 182 were playing in Glasgow on my 5 year anniversary with my other half I knew I had to buy tickets. I'm so glad that I did. We had an absolute blast reliving all our teenage years by dancing around like fools to songs that we had listened to when we were literally fourteen. It was such a fantastic way to spend our anniversary as well.

Anyway, this has turned out to be a longer post than I meant it to be. I just want to mention that I also had amazing times at some of these gigs:
Bryan Adams. Ben Howard. The Fleetfoxes. Gavin Degraw. The Hoosiers (met twice). InMe (a friend's band supported). Jamie Scott. Jenny Lewis. Newton Faulkner. Orson (met twice, I think). Paramore. Plain White Tees. The Rasmus (the same friend's band supported!). Rilo Kiley. The Script (met once, I think), The Thrills, Train. The Zutons.

What has been your most memorable gig?

Until next time!

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  1. Somewhat jealous you've seen Kiss, I bet that was awesome! I think my best gig has to be between seeing System of a Down and while i'm not into indie anymore, I managed to catch The Kooks before they were big in a very small gig in a record store in Newcastle - there was about ten of us there. Those were the days!

    1. Kiss was awesome. My dad used to make us listen to them growing up so it was pretty cool to actually get to see them live. Little intimate gigs are always the best though.

      Debi x


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