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October 03, 2013

Hello ♥

Firstly, I would just like to apologise for the lack of a Monday post and the fact that today's post is going up much later than my usual scheduled time! It hasn't been my usual kind of week so I've found myself most nights either too busy or just too tired to blog so as to have posts scheduled for the week.  I hope you'll forgive me for that and will be happy that it's business as usual from here on out!

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When I lived with my parents I used to have grand ideas of making wonderful meals with lovely fresh ingredients seven days a week. In reality, it hasn't been quite like that since I moved out two years ago.  If you're a regular reader you'll probably know I am not exactly flush with cash and, believe me, food can be so expensive - even store brand! Sometimes it is easier (and cheaper) to throw something in the oven or use jars of sauce to make dinner but that doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love cooking so it isn't surprising that...

C is for Cooking

I've only shared a couple of recipes on this blog which can be found HERE and HERE but that doesn't mean I don't love spending sometime putting together a good meal.  I get a real thrill from cooking something from scratch and I'm pretty good at it too, I think. Whether I am making soup from scratch or a proper meal I really enjoy spending my time in the kitchen.

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I am a big lover of Italian food (apparently for me the more carbohydrates the better!) and my other half is pretty awesome at making some really tasty Chinese dishes. When it comes to making something from scratch for dinner, nine times out of ten, you can guarantee it will contain pasta and/or chicken! In fact, tomorrow I am making Pepperoni Pasta and you can probably expect  a post on that sometime over the next week or so.

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I am not so good with baking. Well, I've never really had much experience with trying to bake. I don't think I've ever baked a simple sponge cake all by myself.  Sure, I have made one from a box or packet but one with flour, eggs and so on? Nope! Not me. Really, it's more of my sister, Elle's, kind of thing. My dad is a diabetic and she makes a fantastic array of sugar free or low sugar treats. For my younger sisters' sixteenth birthday she made a huge batch of cakes with Marvel Superheroes Logos and Despicable Me cakes. They were awesome! However, I have made it my mission to bake a birthday cake for the other half's birthday this year in November so wish me luck!

Are you more of a baker than me? What do you like to cook?

Until next time!

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This is part three of this series. You can find Letter B HERE.
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  1. I feel like i've spent most of this week baking, tally of 5 jams, five pies and off to make brownies once the oven is empty! I've actually surprised myself in the last year just how much I love baking and overcoming my fear of making pastry has really helped. I also love to cook home made curries - in fact we haven't had a curry out of a jar for two years now so I love experimenting with spices and such.

    Good luck with baking the birthday cakes. I meant to bake my own this year but ended up being lazy because of all the aforementioned baking I've done this week and brought one instead!

    1. Wow! That's impressive. I would love to be talented at baking lots of different things but its just too easy to buy yummy cakes. I'm definitely going to give this birthday cake business a shot. Fingers crossed it works out.

      Debi x

  2. I really like baking only cos it's not as confusing as cooking sometimes..I get so confused & annoyed with the times things need to be cooking for then doing this, then that..
    I only like baking though if I'm home alone so I can take my time & not rush :) xxx

    1. I'm pretty good at organising all the times and knowing when to start cooking different bits of a meal. I work well under pressure! Haha.

      Debi x


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