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October 24, 2013

Hello ♥

I had thought about doing this post on fears like so many other bloggers but I thought there is only so much I can tell you about my silly fears. Yes, I'm scared of spiders along with a million other people in the country but I also have irrational fears of swans, wasps and ants. I have a fear of being alone in the "I'm the only one left" sense and heights leave my legs feeling like jelly. They aren't exactly unusual things to be frightened of - well maybe the ants thing. Anyway, I decided against a full post on fears and instead what I am treating you to is...

 photo Label.jpg

F is for Fairies

Don't worry, I'm not delusional. I don't mean I actually believe in fairies. Oh, no. I am talking about my collection of fairy ornaments. This collection really shows the usually hidden girly side of me. After all, what could possibly be girlier than a selection of petite feminine forms with cutesy little wings?

 photo fairies.jpg

My sister, Elle, and I started collecting fairy ornaments when we shared a room together in my parents' house. I have no idea why we started our collection or even what was the first one that we each got but often we were given them as gifts at our birthdays and Christmases. Over the years we watched our collection grow and I now currently own fifteen, which I think is a few more than she does.

 photo ausfairy.jpg

The one above was bought by my sister, Elle, for my 21st birthday whilst she was living in Australia.  It is probably my favourite and the largest of all my fairy ornaments with its detachable wings. I'm quite a sentimental person and so I have an odd attachment to my little collection and I can't see myself ever parting with them.  All fifteen of my ornaments are displayed on top of my wardrobe in my bedroom, including two that my younger sisters, L.J. and T.J. painted themselves for me.

Anyway, that's my little collection for you. Do you collect anything?

Until next time!

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