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November 15, 2013

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With it getting chillier by the day I have found myself thinking more and more about Christmas. Whilst I'm not officially allowed to be excited for Christmas yet (that's only permissible from the first of December) I have already been daydreaming about decorating the house for the festive period. I just love popping on some Christmas tunes and making the house look, and feel, Christmassy.

This is the third Christmas that I have not been living at home with my family (and the first where I won't have Christmas dinner with them!) so the other half and I have already collected plenty of decorations for our house. However, I just can't help myself. I love looking at the Christmas sections online and in store and coming up with new ideas of how we can decorate our house to make it look better than last year.

And so, here is my Christmas Decoration Wish List...

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Advent House Next, £25
Glitter Sitting Reindeer John Lewis, £5

We always get a chocolate advent calendar from the other half's parents but this little wooden advent house from Next is so cute that I'm tempted to buy it and  fill it with treats for the dog. Despite having a number of Christmas baubles in blue, purple and silver already, I'm always on the look out for more and I just love this set. This year I plan on having a little display on top of one of the units in my living room and I think that the reindeer, Santa and wooden blocks would be perfect for it.

What decorations and colours do you love at Christmas?

Until next time!

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  1. i think the wooden advent calendars are so cute! i keep seeing them everywear and try to make myself remember to get one when i move out or have children! think it makes the countdown that bit more special :)

    1. Agreed. I love how you can fill the wooden advent calendars with little toys and sweets for little kids. Definitely something for the future!

      Debi x

  2. the advent calendar looks so cuteI loveee the traditional look! :) greens, reds & golds :)

    1. I do prefer the more traditional decorations but m definitely a lover of blues, purples and silvers for my Christmas decorations :)

      Debi x

  3. so happy Christmas is coming!!! I love the candy-calendar house! :*

  4. I like Pink,purple and Blue colorful Christmas baubles.Wooden advent house is an interesting idea. Just I want to share something more Colorful decoration, by take juicy ornaments and garlands.


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