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November 22, 2013

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Every year I find it more difficult to come up with new gift ideas for my nearest and dearest. Unlike a lot of people who buy one gift per person, my family has always bought multiple presents for each other which means every Christmas I have to come up with several new ideas for each of them. Now that I also have my other half's family to buy for it is a wonder that we ever come out from Christmas with any money leftover. Due to this, I like to keep our budget per person pretty small and so I thought I would share with you my thoughts on gift ideas for him and for her on a budget. 

Warning these may be pretty stereotypical.


1. DVDs
Whether it's the latest action film or an old favourite from his childhood, buying a DVD can be a great gift that doesn't have to cost a lot. Plus, if you are buying it for your other half it will give you the excuse to snuggle up on the couch and watch it together. Make sure to shop around to get the best deal though.

2. Video Games
Yes, video games can be expensive and, of course, if the men in your life snatch up a new game as soon as they are released it can be hard to know exactly what to get them. Why not buy a gift voucher for somewhere like Game where you can help to offset the cost of the game he just needs to have?

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Lynx Apollo Duo, Boots (£6.00)

3. Gift Sets
Is there anything better than a man that smells good? Christmas is a perfect time to help the men in your life stock up on some great shower gel, deodorants and aftershave. Plenty of shops have great deals on gift sets with Boots offering a mix and match 3 for 2. As well as others, Asda and Superdrug also have a number of gift sets at affordable prices.

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South Dean Street Check Shirt, George at Asda (£14.00)

4. Clothing
Maybe it's just me but I like to get my dad and other half something nice in the clothes department. Primark and George at Asda become my best friends at this time of year to find something nice and affordable. Shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, hats and scarves; the list of possibilities is endless. I bought this exact shirt last night for my other half's Christmas and I know that he will love it.

5. Favourite Alcohol 
Due to the fact that the other half doesn't drink and my dad drinks about once a year this did not really apply to me until I started buying for the other half's family. Luckily the other half's grandpa loves a nice whisky, his uncle enjoys Guinness and his parents like wine for we would be stuck or an idea most years.


1. DVDs
Maybe it's that rom-com that you both went to see in the cinema and she said it was the best film she had seen in ages or maybe it's a thriller you just know she'll love, if your sister/friend/mum watches films a DVD is a good start.
 photo nivea.png
Nivea Silky Smooth Skin, Boots (£6.00)

2. Beauty Gift Sets
I love getting beauty gift sets at Christmas as it usually sets me up nicely until my birthday when I then get some more. I feel like this is an ideal gift for the person you just don't know what to get. It is perfect for those old and young as there is such a huge range on offer at this time of year. Plus the make-up brush sets and palettes that appear in the shops can be such a good deal.

3. Clothing
As a girl that loves clothes, I can't imagine a girl out there who wouldn't be pleased to get a little bit of clothing at Christmas.  As stated before the list of possibilities is endless. Just make sure that you know the person's style and size! You don't want to offend anyone on Christmas.

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Stud Quilted Barrel Bag, Asda (now £7.00) 

4. Bags
I'm not one of these girls who has a thousand bags for a million different occasions but I know plenty who are. Buying a new bag for work or a night out needn't be expensive. Primark usually have a great selection at great prices that are bound to suit that girl in your life's needs.

5. Chocolates
When all else fails and you're completely stumped, chocolates are usually a good shout. I like to buy Thortons chocolate at this time of year as it feels more gift like than some Dairy Milk. However, the sharing tins of Roses and Quality Street that appear on our shelves are usually a bargain and work well for that couple that you just don't know what to get.

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If all else fails do something personal. Make something unique and special for the people that matter to you most. Write a note, frame your favourite picture; it doesn't matter how much you spend. It's all about the thought that goes into each gift. Last year I made this sign for my mum (which almost reduced her to tears) and the year before I made all my sisters jewellery.

What gift ideas do you have this year? Do you just buy one present per person or are you like me and buy lots of little things?

Until next time!

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  1. love the bag! :*


  2. just a little heads up..the lynx sets were on offer in Tesco at 2 for £6 so you could get 4 for £12 instead of just 3 :) xxxx

    1. Ooh, fantastic. Thanks Anna! :)

      Debi x


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