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November 07, 2013

In all honesty, finding something to write about for the letter H has been tricky. I know that Halloween was a week ago but it's also something I have never celebrated and, therefore, would have made a truly rotten post. I like Harry Potter but what can I say on that subject that hasn't been said a million times before? I could have written a post on the varying hair colours and styles I've had in the past but, trust me, it's never been that interesting.  Anyway, I haven't gotten around to dying my hair yet this month so I'd be jumping the gun on sharing that. So after much deliberation I have decided that...

 photo Label.jpg

H is for Home

Yes, I thought I could give you a sneaky peek into a little bit of my home. Unlike lots of other bloggers I don't have a brilliant eye (or the money) for beautiful home décor but this is my home and I love knowing that the other half and I are slowly making it our own. I'd like to just say that I'm sorry that the photo quality isn't at it's best but the weather kept changing and my camera is no longer at its best.

 photo Hkeepcalm-1.jpg

Slight over-exposure in the spare room but a very apt saying on the wall. The spare room is the only room still waiting to be decorated as we are happy with the kitchen and bathroom as they are.  

 photo hGWshirt.jpg

The signed rugby shirt that the other half won a couple of seasons ago in a kicking competition at half time.

 photo Hbedroom.jpg

This is our bedroom which we decorated the week we moved in. I'm quite pleased that the other half let me be slightly girly in décor in the bedroom although he does insist on no floral bedding. The pooch jumped on the bed as I was taking pictures and wouldn't move. She's a bit vain too as that's her staring at herself in the mirror of the wardrobe.

 photo Hfairies.jpg

Not the clearest photo in the world but this is some more of my fairy ornament collection which sits on top of the wardrobe in our bedroom.

 photo hdali.jpg

My other half bought me this for my 21st birthday as I am a massive Salvador Dali fan and he knew I would love it. It takes centre stage on the wall in our living room and I absolutely adore it.

 photo hlove.jpg

These sit on a unit in our living room. We are slowly filling up our Terramundi Engagement pot with the hope of putting whatever is in it towards our wedding. Whenever that happens.

I hope you enjoyed the sneaky peek into my home.

Until next time!

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  1. I really liked this post. I love the cake picture haha since I am a massive cakefan too!! The purple bedroom is amazing too along with red those are my favourite colours:) xx

    1. Thank you :) The cake picture is entirely appropriate for us as the other half and I love cake! Haha

      Debi x

  2. LOVE the look of your bedroom - that wallpaper looks great. We really could 'do with working on getting some art work for our walls, they seem to just be covered in my cross stitch projects haha.

    1. Thanks. We were actually between to different shades of purple and the other half insisted this was better. He's right it really is. I was just worried it would be too dark but I love it.

      Debi x

  3. Love your purple bedroom! :D
    L xo

  4. I love those Terramundi pots, finally smashed mine recently I think there was about £50 in total (in 1p and 2p). Good luck in saving up :) Enjoyed seeing around your home x

    1. I'm hoping we'll have £100-£150 by the time we've filled our pot as we fill it with just about any coin going! Is it bad i I don't really want to smash it?

      Debi x


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