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November 14, 2013

Who knew that coming up with a topic for the letter I would be so hard? I even asked on twitter for suggestions but it seemed that people could only think of the same things that I could: igloos and ironing. What a thrill that would have been if I hadn't had a sudden wave of genius and decided that...
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I is for Influences & Inspiration

This time last year I had no real concept of blogging or the blogging community. Sure, I was aware that there were such things as blogs and that people from all over the globe used them to vent, write reviews and share in their daily lives but I didn't know the extent of the blogosphere. 

Since I began writing here on my "little corner of the internet", I have been overwhelmed by the wonderful girls that I have been introduced to in the blogging community. Some of these girls have inspired me to be more open about anxiety or who I am by the strength that they show themselves in day to day life. Others have influenced my shopping habits by writing reviews and opening me up to a whole section of the beauty market I didn't really know existed. I'm looking at you green bloggers. Despite not knowing each other properly, some of these girls have given me a lot of support and encouragement over the past few months. Therefore, I think that it is only fitting that my Influences and Inspiration includes them so today I'm sharing the blog love!

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Rachael writes a lovely little lifestyle type blog and I never miss a post. There is always such a positive air about her writing that pulls me in. I really love her honest Fresh Start Sundays which was one of the reasons I decided to start up my Tuesday's Thought of the Day posts. She's also super lovely on twitter.

A Whole Lot of Chitty Chat
In the few months that I have been blogging I've spoken to the lovely Anna a lot, especially on twitter where she has been so kind and supportive. On her blog she is open and honest about her anxiety which has made me feel able to share my experiences too. It's lovely to see her  overcome the anxiety and learn to drive in her My Driving Journey posts and I love her Sit Down Sundays where she reflects on the good things of her week.

Instant Delight
Ina is a predominately food blogger and green beauty blogger although she does dabble in some D.I.Y. too.  Everything on her blog is beautifully photographed and well written with her recipes always looking yummy and inspiring me to want to try new things. Another fantastic girl that can be found on twitter.

Lisette Loves
Lisette reminds me to be grateful for all the little things that life throws my way with her Thankful Thursday posts which I absolutely adore. She shares some amazing recipes that inspire me to get back in the kitchen and make something tasty as well as snippets of her day to day life.

NatuRia Beauty
I have spent a lot of time speaking to Ria (on twitter) in the last few months and have found out that we have a scary amount of things in common. I've had a lot of encouragement from Ria whether it be to dye my hair or to make my little wooden signs which I am entirely grateful for. She writes a lovely little blog full of natural beauty reviews and wish lists that make me wish I had endless amounts of money to spend on all the goodies that she shares. She also did my blog design which I love.

I am glad that I began blogging in the first place as I would never have known that these awesome girls existed. I insist that you give their blogs a look. Well, really, it's more like I ask you.

Who or what inspires and influences you in regards to your blog?

Until next time!

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  1. I am really loving this series of posts :)

    alex // Cats and Vodka

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad that you're enjoying them.

      Debi x

  2. thank you so much Debi :) you are seriously lovely & I love your posts! :)
    real life inspires me :) xxx

    1. Not a problem lovely. It's so nice to have made friends through blogging :)

      Debi x

  3. Thanks so much for the mention lovely! You know your blog is a favourite of mine and I'm glad to have got to know you through blogging! :)

    Ria x

    1. You're very welcome :) The feeling is mutual!

      Debi x


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