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November 21, 2013

Jeez, it is getting tricky to come up with topics for this bit of the alphabet! Not only did I struggle with something inventive for last week's post, I found it near impossible to come up with something good for the letter J. I wonder if maybe my vocabulary is just quite limited or if I am just a really dull person because this series is proving to be a lot more challenging than I had originally thought. Anyway, today is brought to you by the letter J and...

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J is for Jumpers

Okay, maybe it seems incredibly materialistic but I've got a little jumper-only wish list for you today. There is nothing better than a cosy jumper on a winter's day and I recently have been absolutely loving snuggling up with a big hoodie and a hot chocolate. My favourite one for moping around the house in is my massively oversized Glasgow Warriors hoodie (it's a male medium) which has the amazing bonus of being thermal too. Anyway, onto this little wish list of mine.

Knitted Jumper, H&M (£24.99)

Although it featured in a previous wish list I still love the panda hoodie from New Look. So what I'm 24, it's cute! Whilst the pattern on the knitted jumper from H&M looks a little overwhelming, it looks great on the model online teamed with a pair of jeans. Plus it is festive looking which I love. I think that the French Connection jumper is amazing. I love the electric blue colour and think it would be perfect for being able to create a dressed up, casual look.  The collar on the snowflake pattern one is just too cute for words and the red and black jumper from New Look looks like it would really keep the chill out on a winter's day.

These jumpers all cost way more that I would actually ever pay but that's the beauty of a wish list; I don't ever actually expect to own these. Still, if I won the lottery I'd have no qualms about changing up my entire wardrobe and buying all of these and everything else on all my previous wish lists. Hey, a girl can dream!

What are your favourite jumpers this year?

Until next time!

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1 comment :

  1. My boobs get in the way with jumpers - that and I often find them itchy and memories of my gran knitting me jumpers that were, lets say just not "me".

    I will have to admit although I will openly admit to always wanting a cheekily Christmas jumper!


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