Tuesday's Thought of the Day #26

November 26, 2013

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I don't think that it is any real secret that I've had a few tough times over the past couple of years. Losing my job and consequently having to put all my big life plans on hold was, quite possibly, one of the hardest times in my life. When job application after job application went unnoticed and it seemed like I was going nowhere I felt incredibly down and negative about life. Seeing other people doing the things I wanted to was difficult. What made them so special? Truth be told, I had some pretty dark days when I just wanted to give up - not on life but just in general. It was obvious that I wasn't good enough or that I wasn't clever enough to make anything of myself so why bother trying?

After a shocking start to 2013 (a lot of family stuff) I decided that I had to turn my negative thoughts and attitude into something positive. I needed to find my can-do attitude again. I started to write this blog that you are reading right now in April although I didn't really make much of it until the beginning of June. Writing had always been one of my passions and whilst maybe I might not be the most eloquent or skilled of writers I enjoy it. Every week I am excited to be writing and knowing someone is listening.

The positive things that have come about because of this blog? You, my followers and readers. The focus of doing something every week. The wonderful girls that I have gotten to know. The pure enjoyment of allowing my thoughts to spill onto a page screen.

I was speaking to my mum last week about changing negative thoughts into positive ones. We were discussing my younger sisters' schoolwork and upcoming exams. Ever the perfectionists, they want nothing less than the best possible grades. We spoke about how they would feel awful if they didn't get the grades that they work tirelessly for. I believe that, no matter the outcome, they will have done us all proud and any negatives that are there should be put aside to focus only on the positive.

Negative aspects of life aren't the end of the world. The positive things, no matter how hard it is to notice them, are your world; your health, your family, the roof over your head. It isn't about forgetting everything negative and burying our heads in the sand.  It's about focusing on the positives and working on the negatives to make them better.

Until next time!

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