Before I'm 25 | Update #5

December 02, 2013

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Oh dear, don't shout at me but I feel like I seriously neglected my list during November. I had such big plans for it at the end of October. I know you are all shaking your head at me, disappointed that I'm not doing all the fantastic things I promised to on my list. Trust me, I'm doing the exact same. I didn't finish one single book (to be air I am reading Dante's Inferno) and I never made the birthday cake like I promised because we ended up being at the other half's parents' house for dinner. The problem is, with December being filled with Christmas activities, I don't think it's going to be much better. Anyway, this is what I did do...

4) Cook or bake something new every month (4/12)
Early in November the other half and I had a mini date night at home where we cooked ourself a tasty ham risotto, lit some candles and generally had a nice time. I wrote a post about it just last week which you can see HERE if you missed it.

15) Watch 50 movies I've never seen before (33/50)
 I can't believe I only watched five movies this month. I'm normally a movie fiend who can spend hours watching movies but this month both our Xbox and television broke in the space of a week. Luckily, the other half got a new Xbox (not xbox one) for his birthday and our television was fixable. Still, it kind of ruined my film watching chances.

45) Go to the cinema to see a movie I really want to see
The day before my other half's birthday we went to see Thor 2 as a treat. I've been wanting to see this for ages so I think it qualifies as going to the cinema to see a movie I really want to see. It was fantastic and I completely love Tom Hiddleston so it was two hours well spent, that's for sure!

I wonder what I'll accomplish in December!

Until next time!

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