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December 05, 2013

Finally a letter of the alphabet I haven't struggled to come up with a topic for. Is it lame that I feel proud of myself? I suppose it's always the little things that make us happy. Anyway, you may or may not know that at college I studied television production which means that it's only right that...

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L is for Lights, Camera, Action

In the August of 2006 I began my Television Production course and whilst I loved my time at college, it wasn't really something I decided to pursue as a career. The unsociable hours, travelling and incredibly competitive nature of an industry you didn't have to be trained in to get a job, kind of put me off turning it into a career. Three years wasted then, you might think. If so, I'll have to disagree with you there.

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Not only did I have an enjoyable experience of actually doing coursework, the three years I spent at college helped to boost my self-esteem and confidence - just not in front of the camera! I was made to work closely in production teams with my fellow classmates which helped me to be more vocal in discussions than I ever had been before. I had to overcome my slight phobia of technology because I was immediately encouraged to use all different types of equipment; camera, sound, lighting, editing software. I learnt a whole lot about photography as I had to sit two classes, one in the basics and the other in portraiture. Although, you would probably never guess that looking at my photos nowadays. I honestly blame my camera. I don't think the sensor is working properly any more.

It might sound crazy to be on a television production course and not enjoy actual filming but I always felt there was too much pressure on getting everything right. The exposure and white balance had to be perfect or else the lecturer was bound to have a good moan at you. It's no wonder I chose to specialise in Post Production. Not only was I not required on location (hallelujah) but I got to be in a cosy editing or sound suite, putting together the final product. I loved being the one who brought it all together, edited all the appropriate footage, sorted sound levels, added graphics and did a bit of colour correction. I was a little bit of a whiz with Final Cut Pro back in the day (even if I do say so myself) and wish I still had access to editing software even now.

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These three years are definitely the reason for why I get so annoyed with poor editing on YouTube. I know that it shouldn't annoy me as many of these people are self taught and maybe aren't sure on how to fine tune bits here and there. It still does though. Jump cuts are particularly annoying in my book. It is so jarring to the viewer. Seeing the inappropriate use of transitions, especially cross dissolves, drives me completely scatty. Don't even get me started on when music stops abruptly or isn't low enough in the mix.

Okay, okay, so I turned into a bit of an editing snob; none of those things would have annoyed me in the past. However, I really enjoyed my time in college and all the things that I learnt. I wonder if I'd be even remotely capable of editing something now...

Until next time!

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