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December 19, 2013

Another letter. Another struggle. Yes, you guessed it. I found it ridiculously hard to come up with something for the letter N. The lack of vocabulary I have (or more accurately, interesting things about me) really has shown in this series. Nevertheless, I have persevered and, therefore...

 photo Label.jpg

N is for Nails

I am in no way any kind of nail artist. I don't have the right tools for amazing designs. In fact I use a tiny old paint brush (or cocktail stick) when doing any design on my nails. Very professional.

 photo DSC02677.jpg

Anyway, with today's A to Z of Me being the letter N I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to showcase my Christmas nails. Ideally, I would have done this pattern with white rather than silver and with a far steadier hand but, overall, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Nothing quite says Christmas time like snowflakes on your nails, am I right? Hmm.. Maybe there's better Christmassy things but this was all I could manage and it was difficult enough!

I have also done a couple of other NOTDs in the past although it has been a while. If you want to see my other attempts at nail art you can find them HERE and HERE. What Christmas nail art have you created this year?

Until next time!

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  1. I actually suck at nails, yet alone getting all fancy with nail art! I'm always jealous of anyone that can make a decent attempt at it!

  2. I love giving it a go but I have to keep it all pretty simple or it ends up a mess!

    Debi x


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