Hopes and Ambitions for 2014

January 07, 2014

It might sounds silly and it might just be optimism talking but I really feel like 2014 might just turn out to be a really good year. I don't want to say that 2014 will be "my year" because I plan to have many successful years in the future too but I have a feeling that it might just be better than last year which was kind of a whitewash for about six months.

Now, I'm not one for resolutions and you won't catch me saying I'm going to go on a diet but I do have some goals tor this year that I hope are achievable. I think it is important for me to set myself some little targets to help me put myself out there more and feel as though I am achieving something. All to often, being unemployed, I forget just how much I achieve in day to day life as for some reason I seem to measure success by employment and wealth. Well, no more. Now I am focussing on mainly little things and a couple of bigger things so that I can feel as though this year is successful.

 photo Engagement.jpg
Get married
This is a big one for me and definitely not a surprise to you if you follow me on twitter. When we first got engaged two and a half years ago we mentally planned to get married in 2014. When I was made redundant everything wedding related got forgotten about and pushed to the back of our minds. Now, however, I am determined to make this year the year that we get married. I would love just to scale it right back and just do the ceremony with our nearest and dearest, forgetting all about the party and protocol that we just can't afford, but I know that in reality we'll need to meet our wants (to be Mr & Mrs) with the expectations of others. A sit down and a long chat is what's needed to get all of this under way. Be ready for more wedding posts if all goes to plan.

Do all the little odd jobs around the house
There are a few little bits and pieces I'd like to get done around the house this year just to make our home that bit better. There is a hole where we got our new light fitting in the kitchen that needs filled. I want to re-grout and re-seal the shower as it has seen better days plus the handle on the shower needs reattached! I'd love for us to have the money to buy new carpets (granny carpet alert!) for the entire flat but if we do get married I think that will have to wait until 2015. I'd also really like our spare room decorated as yellow doesn't really do it for us.

 photo dibdabdebs.png
Grow my blog
This little blog has become such a big part of my life in the last few months that I can't wait to see what this year holds for it. I'm astonished that I have almost 100 followers on bloglovin' and a handful of lovely, dedicated girls who like, comment and chat to me on twitter. In my Before I'm 25 list I set myself a goal of 150 followers by my 25th birthday in July and I still hope I'll reach that and maybe even pass it. I also want to challenge myself to write a bigger variety of posts and improve my writing in general. Additionally, it would be great to be able to offer advertisements here some time this year.

Pay attention and be active in worthy causes
2013 was the year that I became far more aware of things that I deemed important to me and I hope that in 2014 I can grow these interests and take more of an active role in worthy causes. I am hugely interested by cruelty free and will be making the switch (where possible and, unfortunately, affordable) to brands that cruelty free. Furthermore, I hope to become more involved in animal and human welfare causes and plan to speak up more for feminism and in the face of sexism.

 photo Austaraheader-1.jpg
Make money
I'm hoping to venture into the world of self-employment with my little Austara Signs business. I'll still be looking for work as I know that it won't make much money, especially in the early stages. I still have a few bits and pieces to sort out before I officially launch it but if you want to have a look (and talk to me about orders) the facebook page can be found HERE.

I think that at the very least these are mostly attainable goals for 2014 and I hope that you will join me on my journey this year to completing them. What are your hopes for 2014?

Until next time!

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  1. Good luck with all your goals - especially the wedding one because I know only too well about how you feel about it and I hope it all works out in the end!

    I keep getting really excited about buying a house until I forget all the work that comes with owning one!

    1. Me too! We've still to have our "chat" about it but I'm hopeful hat by the end of the month we will at least know where we stand. As for buying a house, I love knowing that his is ours and we aren't lining someone else's pocket by renting. Even if we only shave a tiny bit of our mortgage every year, it's ours :)

      Debi x

  2. Sounds like great and realistic goals and i can't wait to see more wedding posts! I love getting inspiration :)

    1. I'm looking forward to writing more of them. I haven't written a wedding post since about September! I think if it does all o to plan there will probably be a lot of DIY posts!

      Debi x

  3. Good luck with your goals! I love the look of your business - the signs are so cute! xx

    1. Thanks. Personally, I love little home decor things like the signs hence why I decided to make them. My problem is getting the business out there and getting some orders for lots of different events and occasions throughout the year!

      Debi x


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