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January 09, 2014

I'm back with this series after a short break over the Christmas period. I hope you all had a really lovely time and that 2014 has gotten off to a good start already. O is a bit of a rubbish letter for me personally but I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to remind you of all the social network sites you can find me on. I just thought that I would keep it short and sweet for you all today so, today's post is simply...

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O is for Online

I know a lot of you are already aware of where else on the Internet you can find me. After all, many of you follow me on twitter already and my little buttons are right over there in the sidebar but there is nothing wrong with a little refresher.

Twitter: @dibdabdebsblog

Also, if you are interested in wooden home décor signs: Austara Signs Facebook

Feel free to come and chat to me at any or all of the above.

Until next time!
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  1. we already chat away on twitter my lovely :) but I thought I'd just leave you a little comment cos I mean who doesn't love receiving comments :) hope you're having a lovely Friday :)



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