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January 16, 2014

I think I am going to use this lovely letter as an excuse to have a good old rant about the little things that annoy me. Everybody enjoys a rant once in a while where they can let off steam about the things that really vex them or are mildly irritating. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that... Drum roll please

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P is for Pet Peeves

Chewing with your mouth open
Is there anything worse than someone chewing with their mouth open? Ugh, that noise!

Consistent poor grammar or spelling
Yes, sometimes grammar can be confusing and using the correct punctuation makes me scratch my head in confusion. It is true that occasionally I rely on a dictionary or a spell checker to help with the odd word that I just don't remember how to spell. I am not immune to making mistakes. What I can't stand is people who consistently misuse apostrophes or don't know the difference between too/to/two, your/you're, their/there/they're. The misuse of "defiantly" instead of "definitely" really irritates me at the moment along with people who say "I seen that."
F.Y.I.: defiantly means rebelliously while definitely means certain

Not holding the door open
If someone is two steps behind you be kind and hold the door open for them. It is just the polite thing to do. Also, if someone is already in a small doorway don't try to push passed them. I'm looking at you girl from the gym.

Bad manners
It is not hard to utter the words "please" and "thank you" so don't forget to say them when someone does something for you. When someone shows me their good manners my day is brightened. Seriously, it's the little things. 

People who don't clean up after their dog
If you aren't willing to pick up your dog's mess don't get a dog. It's as simple as that. I don't want to be scraping crap off my shoe because you are too lazy to do so. It's vile. Bags are so inexpensive and, honestly, it isn't as gross as you think.

Dogs off their leads (leashes)
I get it if your dog is in a park and you are keeping a close eye on it. That is a-okay with me. What I hate is people who let their dog wander miles ahead of them near busy roads. Just because your dog is obedient doesn't mean that it won't walk out in front of a car or come into contact with a more aggressive dog or a person petrified of dogs. Also, if it is on a lead/leash you won't miss it when it inevitably needs to... um... do the toilet and you'll have no excuse not to clean up. My dog doesn't really like other unknown dogs. I feel so uncomfortable when a large dog comes bounding over sans lead to see her. What if her little growls causes the other dog to attack?

Invaders of personal space
Going shopping when it is busy is a nightmare of mine. People walking into you, hitting you with bags, breathing down your neck as you look at the same rack of clothes are just big no-nos for me. Back it up!

When someone leaves the light on in an empty room
Don't waste electricity! My other half is so guilty for leaving the lights on in a room and then going into another one. It is not needed. As my mum would say "Our house is not the Blackpool Illuminations!"

Leaving the cupboard doors open
Another delightful thing that my other half does on occasion. Just shut the doors of cupboards. One: it hides the inevitable clutter of the cupboard, two: I won't walk into them and three: it can damage the hinges. I'm not fixing the hinges as well as all the other little things around the house that need doing.

Well that sure feels nice to get all that out of my system. I probably have a thousand more little things that drive me a little bit crazy but I think that's probably quite enough for today. 

 Do you agree with any of my pet peeves? Why not share some of yours with me in the comments?

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  1. Ditto the pet peeves about not cleaning up after dogs - one of our old neighbours use to always let their dog do it's business on the shared lawn and never cleaned it up, ever! And the whole lacking manners thing does my nut in. I guess my pet peeves would be people smoking in our apartments corridors, drivers who can't use their indicators, people who follow and then unfollow within a day on twitter - annoyed!

    1. That's horrible about your neighbour not cleaning up after their dog. It's not difficult! I agree with your twitter pet peeve. Sometimes people can be so transparent with just wanting followers. I don't get it.

      Debi x

  2. Ooohh, what good ones! :) I definitely spell definitely wrong sometimes (sorry about that), expect then I managed to spell it right both times. I agree with you on the dogs on leads too.. I might join in & do a post too :)

    1. Hehe. It's okay. It just frustrates me sometimes but there are a lot of other words that people consistently spell wrong that irritate me too! Please do a pet peeves post. I'd love to read it :)

      Debi x


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