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January 23, 2014

WARNING: Sarcasm ahead. 

When trying to think of a topic, this time beginning with the letter Q, only one thing immediately sprung to mind: Quotes. Well, that's something I never share on my blog. I don't think that you've ever seen a single quote appear here. I certainly don't have an obsession with different quotes for just about any feeling or situation.

Rather than bore(?) you with another of my favourite quotes, I thought long and hard about what else today's post could be and I thought that Q could be for...

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Q & A

I could have chosen a number of tags or selected a variety of random questions that would have given you an insight into my life but that is kind of the whole reason of the A to Z of Me Series. So you can learn a bit more about me. I don't want this post to just fill in the blanks here and there and have you all falling asleep at your computer screens. Therefore, I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to answer some questions that are blogging related. At least they might be a little more interesting.

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My blogging set up. The laptop screen doesn't work hence the need for the other screen.

When did you start blogging?
Technically, I started blogging in April last year but I didn't start taking it seriously until the beginning of June. 

What made you choose your blog name?
Dib-Dab-Debs is a nickname that my sister gave me when we were younger. It came from the sweet which was a lollipop and sherbet, Dip-Dabs, and my name which is Debi. When naming my blog I wanted something that didn't define what I should be writing about. So many blog names are beauty related and I feel that with a name with "lipstick" or "beauty" in it gives the impression that  it is a blog solely for beauty. I wanted to be able to write about whatever I wanted so I needed a neutral name. Thus, I used my nickname.

Why did you start blogging?
In January last year I had my eyes opened to the whole world of blogging and YouTube. I began watching and reading Sprinkle of Glitter, Zoella etc. and realised I wanted to do something similar - only in the blogosphere. This face is not made for YouTube. I've always enjoyed writing and I thought that having a blog would be the perfect outlet for being creative. Plus, it would get me to take more pictures, or so I thought.

Where does your inspiration for blog posts come from?
Life in general. If I feel passionate about something or I do something fun or exciting I want to share it here on my blog. I think that it will be amazing to look back on this in a few years and see how much I've grown as a person and a writer.

Which other bloggers inspire you? What are your go-to blogs?
Honestly, it mainly tends to be my blogging friends Ria, Anna and the two Rachaels. Whenever they write a new post I am sure to read it. Of course, as I find more blogs or find myself drawn more into ones I currently read then I find myself being inspire by more and more bloggers. Some of them inspire me to have a better quality of photography in my blog. Some inspire me to write more openly and honestly about the things that affect my day to day life. Some inspire me to try writing a specific type of post. You should definitely check these lovelies out.

Ria- NatuRia Beauty & Inside a Bubble
Anna - A Whole Lot of Chitty Chat
Rachael - A Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Rachael - Dear Ms. Leigh

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What do you hope to achieve this year with your blog?
This year I hope to grow my followers some more. I seem to have gotten stuck just under 100 on bloglovin' and I'd really like to hit that by February. I'm not greedy though. If I could end up with about 200 by this time next year I would be more than happy. More than anything I want to be able to provide a more varied and higher quality of post this year. It would be wonderful to start advertising on my blog too (a little extra income when I devote so much time to this wouldn't go amiss) but I don't blog purely for that!

I hope that was even just a little bit insightful. Why do you love blogging?

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  1. Aw you've made my day already and it's only 9AM! I'm off to go check out the other three! I started blogging as a distraction from writing my MA dissertation and it just kind of stuck, I did grow up writing diaries so I guess this is just the more modern extension!

    1. I'm glad I could make your day; I love your blog and photos! I never wrote diaries growing up. I tried so many times but always forgot about them sooner or later. I'm actually quite surprised that I'm still blogging regularly.

      Debi x

  2. awww I'm so glad you enjoy reading my waffle :) hehe! I'm so behind with blog posts as I've just tweeted you :)
    I love blogging cos you can just share whatever you want & it really is just a big fat diary! :D xxxx

    1. Hehe. Your waffle is great. I always look forward to reading it :) I make time to catch up on all the blogs I really love pretty much every day. I just love having a little nosey in everyone else's lives.

      Debi x


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