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January 30, 2014

The letter R was a bit of a no-brainer for me. I didn't have to spend hours umming and aahing over what would make a good post. For once, this little letter presented a perfect topic that is a hobby of mine that takes up a fair amount of my time. So without further ado...

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R is for Rugby

Whilst I am hardly a sporty person myself, I have grown up watching my fair share of sports. When I was little my dad used to take me and my sister's to watch his favourite football team. Back then I was super into football. I loved the game. My favourite player became a family friend which was a bit awkward back then as I harboured a secret crush on him.

I used to play netball and badminton in primary school. I was goal shooter for my primary school's "A Team" and I was pretty good at it too. I also won my school's Girl's Singles Championship in badminton in Primary 7. I've watched gymnastics and athletics on television. I've enjoyed many hours watching ice-skating and wishing I could do it myself. I have been known to see roller derby and wrestling and I plan on staying up to watch the Superbowl on Sunday. However, nothing comes close to my love of rugby.

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A fast paced, adrenaline-filled contact sport that has me on the edge of my seat, shouting until my voice is hoarse, is just the kind of thing I need on a Friday night. I remember going to my first rugby match about five years ago and having no real concept of the rules. I understood that you had to pass backward (obviously) and you scored points with tries, conversions and penalties but I didn't even know how many points were awarded for each of these.

Now I understand the little nuances of the game. I can see the tactics that the coach employs. I know the offside rule and the different infringements that result in penalties and sin binnings. Frequently, I even know whether or not my team is going to lose.

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I've been a season ticket holder since 2010 (I think) and have been to two internationals: Scotland vs Ireland in the Autumn Tests and Scotland vs England in the Six Nations. I watch the Six Nations every year on television with my fingers crossed that Scotland don't finish bottom of the table and get the wooden spoon. I've been to a rugby sevens tournament and I'm going to see the rugby sevens at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year. 

It's nice to have a hobby that I am so passionate about.

What are you passionate about, sports or otherwise?

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  1. Rugby is one sport I never got my head around, which is odd growing up so close to Hull and the city having two teams. I'm a passive football fan - Newcastle Utd in particular but it's very much armchair based although I did use to be able to see the stadium from my freshers flat at university back in the day.

    1. Yeah, I never used to like rugby but then again there are only two pro-teams in Scotland and everything is very much football based up here. I'll watch the occasional international football match nowadays but I'm not that interested any more. Rugby all the way. Haha.

      Debi x

  2. Never knew you liked rugby! I've played since I was 9 years old, its the most incredible sport. Have you thought about joining a team? Not sure how many women's teams there are in Scotland, but based on their international performances, not many.
    Sorry for the super late comments but I'm just catching up on my blog roll haha.
    Good luck in the 6 nations!

    1. There aren't many opportunities for girls to play up here, not passed primary school age anyway. I'm a bit of a wimp anyway and don't think I could handle all the bumps and bruises. Still, I love watching it. I think we'll need all the luck we can possibly get in the 6 nations after our performance against Ireland last weekend! Haha.

      Debi x


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