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January 24, 2014

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I had a whole different Wedding Edition post scheduled for today but then last weekend happened and pretty much everything I had written about in said post changed so here I am writing a whole new post .

If you follow me on twitter you probably have seen the word "wedding" fly about a lot this past week. Last weekend, my in-laws finally brought up the subject of our wedding and essentially told us to pick a date. This is big. We haven't really spoken about "our wedding" for almost two years when our financial situation kind of fell to pieces. Up until recently, it seemed to be at the back of everyone's mind, getting covered in dust and cobwebs, except mine.

Being encouraged to set a date threw me into a tizzy. I was excited, scared, nervous, hopeful. Finally,  I had my budget and the green light. I finally sat down with the other half and for pretty much the first time ever we discussed it. We have a couple of venues in mind and have made an appointment to see the one that is at the top of our list. We have a a couple of dates that would work for us. I've got my fingers crossed that the venue or the registrar won't be booked on that date. I have my budget planned out and a list of things that are a priority to us and our big day.

Honestly, it's still not going to be lavish. We still want a fairly small ceremony and I'm not bothering with a make-up artist or hairdresser. There's a few things on our list that we aren't bothered about at all but we'll just have to see about. I'm sure that as the coming months pass by you will end up sick of hearing about weddings - I'll probably share a lot of the planning here.

After being together for so long , and engaged for two and a half years, it all feels a bit surreal. I can't believe we are finally going to do this. I don't think it will be real until it is over.

Somebody pinch me.

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  1. yey i'm glad you've started the ball rolling - that's probably the biggest step, luckily sorting it out turns out to be really easy. I wish I had some proper wedding planning tips to share but I really don't as ours really wasn't typical and was all a whirl wind due to the delights of visas!

    1. I'm glad I don't have to worry about visas. My sister's husband is Australian and that was a bit of a nightmare and added stress. This wedding doesn't seem to be as straightforward as I would like. Already there is so much stress and people getting annoyed. Only six more months of it though.

      Debi x


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