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February 18, 2014

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Honestly when the email popped up for this week's 2014 Blogger Challenge topic I was kind of disappointed: Is high end always better? Whilst some people probably thought that this was an amazing topic filled with possibilities I was drawing a blank. None of the suggested topics related to me.

I'll say it now: I have never bought a high end product.

I know that it might be a bit of a controversial thing to say but material things aren't everything. When it comes to high-end products more often than not I truly believe that you are paying for the name of the brand and not a better quality product. How many times do you see dupes posts in the blogosphere with products that are more than half the price? All the time. Then why are people buying the real deal that comes with the hefty price tag? The name. To me, it just doesn't make sense.

Yes, I like pretty things and every once in a while I enjoy a good window shop online, fantasising about owning beautiful clothes, shoes and make-up. I like to have nosey at what celebrities wore to red carpet events and fall a little in love with their outfits and flawless make-up. But actually consider buying something that's overpriced? You've got to be kidding!  

Even shopping on the high street often feels far too expensive. Sure, I've heard that that lipstick collection is amazing or that dress would look so cute but one look at the price tag and I feel sick. It boggles the mind that some people will easily spend hundreds of pounds on a few little items. It's just something that I have never felt comfortable doing and never will.

Perhaps some of my issue with high street prices at the moment is that I have no income. I'm a housewife (the wife bit is to-be) who is trying to drum up some interest in her little craft business. Check it out in the sidebar - Austara Signs. I don't have money to throw away on material things. Any time that I am faced with tempting purchases my brain tells me that I could be spending that money on bills and food. These are far more important things than a bit of make-up or an item of clothing that I'll wear twice. To be fair, even when I was earning I never spent a lot and was always pretty shocked by the amount friends would spend on silly material things.

Even if I had lots of money I couldn't see myself justifying spending a tonne of money on high-end products or even pricey high street ones. It just wasn't the way that I was raised. When I was working, for a tiny salary, I saved like a miser only spending when I had to with the very occasional treat. To be honest, I'd much rather save my money for a project needing done in the house or a holiday.

Designer bags? Big brand make-up? I don't need it, thanks.

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This is the 2014 Blogger Challenge topic four: High End vs. High Street
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  1. Oh my love how much do I agree with your words?! I think I only own one thing that's high end - that's if you count Chanel Perfume has being high end but it was a duty free score on my way to the US. Everything else is just high street/Target buys or even from the Sally Army - while we have an okay income (well Joe's is a good income, my stores are getting there) we do have the money to splash out, but i'd rather spend it on a meal out, or cinema/museum tickets (well most money atm is going into the mortgage fund) and so on, brands and labels go over my head!

    1. Exactly. My money (not that I have much) can always be better spent elsewhere. Whilst material things are nice I would much rather have a roof over my head and day trips or holidays that are full of good memories. I just can't justify spending a lot of money for a brand name.

      Debi x

  2. i don't own any high-end make up products either. I'm not bothered about them, highstreet are just as good, if not better sometimes!

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind

    1. I completely agree. When the highstreet is pretty much as good nine time out of ten, why spend all that extra money?!

      Debi x


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