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February 07, 2014

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Hello humans. I'd wave but I only have paws. Please accept my tail wagging as a greeting.

I've seen mum do a lot of this blogging malarky recently and, honestly, it doesn't look that hard so I thought I would give it a go myself. If she can do it then I definitely can too. I'm always telling mum that I should appear on this blog a lot more often than I do. After all, I am the cute one in the family. Although normally when she pulls out her camera to take photos just when I've woken up so I run away which she says makes it difficult. Apparently you humans like pictures when you read. I thought that was just children. Oh well never mind. I decided to get mum's help with taking pictures (my paws are too clumsy for selfies) so I hope she at least got my good side.

Anyway, welcome to Roxie's Takeover (that's me!) and my Day in the Life...

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 In the morning, if I am lucky enough, I lounge about on mum and dad's bed until dad takes me out for my morning work before he leaves for work. Sometimes when he picks me up to put on my harness I grumble but who can blame me? Their bed is so comfy. When I first came home I wasn't even allowed in the bedroom but check me out now, lying on the bed. If mum still isn't up when I come in I give her a big kiss on the nose to let her know that bedtime is over.

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Throughout most of the day I like to sleep. Mum thinks this is because I'm lazy but really it's just so I have all my energy to whine and bark at dad to play with me when he comes home from work. That man makes me work for my toys, I tell you. I like to snuggle up close to mum if she's on the couch and get in some cuddle time. I'm a big softy, you see. A loveable little lump.

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When dad comes home I jump up on him and kiss him until it's time for dinner. I have to make sure he knows just how much I miss him so that he always comes back. If I'm lucky there'll be a spot of chicken in amongst my biscuits, or carrot. I'm not allowed too much human food so when there is, it's a right treat and I gobble it up quickly before mum changes her mind.  Then I'll sit under the table in the hope that dad will drop some of his dinner (he's quite messy sometimes) but I never beg. I've got manners.

After dinner I get my cosy jacket on to go for a walk. I like going on walks, especially when mum comes, but if it's rainy and horrible I just want to go home. I dig my heels and don't budge. Dad says I'm a pain but I know that he doesn't like the miserable rain either. Really, I'm doing us both a favour. When the weather is nice though I love going out on a walk. It's so much fun. I can follow the scents the foxes leave, yelp at other dogs and stretch my legs out properly. Long walks in the sunshine are my favourite.

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On Thursday nights one of my best friends, Scout, comes to visit with a couple of mum's sisters. Scout is a menace and charges about the living room, all over my furniture. She's a handful but she's only one so she gets away with it. Sometimes I chase after her and grumble but I'm just playing and other times we play with my toys. Scout isn't allowed to play with too many of mine though because she breaks them. The last time she visited, which was two weeks ago, she put holes in two of my new toys that I got for Christmas. I told you she's a menace.

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When they go home I normally curl up on the couch between mum and dad for some more cuddles before going to bed.  It might seem like I do a lot of sleeping but, trust me, it's a tough life being a dog. And so what if I like sleep? Are you saying you don't?

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  1. Replies
    1. Hehe. She does. She's my little Rockstar :)

      Debi x

  2. love the roxie takeover, soooooo cute xx I agree with Annie, Roxie totally rocks! :)

    1. Glad that you liked it. I wasn't sure if people would or if they would think it was a bit nutty. Haha.

      Debi x

  3. Roxie has the cutest little doggie bed, what an adorable pup you have!

    1. Thanks :) we're pretty pleased that we got her to say the least.

      Debi x


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