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February 14, 2014

So I was going to do a new series of monthly favourites but here I am two weeks into February and still without a January favourites. I can't see me remembering to do favourites every month but I do hope to do them sporadically throughout the year, maybe every six to eight weeks or seasonally. We'll just have to wait and see.

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I have loved...

Reading... Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
If you haven't read this already I suggest you do. When Nick Dunne's wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary after what appears to be a struggle in their home, all leads point to Nick having murdered his wife. As the police get closer to arresting him, the characters are forced to question just how well they know the people they love. The book has so many unexpected twists and turns that I genuinely couldn't put it down once I hit a certain spot in the plot.

Watching... Gilmore Girls Season Two
I only ever watched Gilmore Girls sporadically when it was on television but absolutely loved it when I did. My sister had bought me Season One for my birthday a couple of years and Season Two for my Christmas and, needless to say, I was so excited to watch. Season Two is when Jess, Luke's nephew, (played by Milo Ventimiglia) turns up. Honestly having him grace my screen every time I watched an episode was just lovely.

Listening to... Jason Mraz
I've been listening to Jason Mraz for years now and completely love his feel good music. From Curbside Prophet to Life is Wonderful to I Won't Give Up, I have loved listening to his music and having his songs banish the winter blues. Perfect.

Wearing (beauty)... Max Factor Face Finity Foundation
My sister bought me this foundation for Christmas after I had been telling her that I needed to find a new foundation as my Rimmel Wake Me Up one was completely the wrong shade for winter. I truly couldn't have asked for a nicer foundation. It provides great coverage at the same time as being "barely there". In fact a couple of times I've been asked if I'm even wearing make-up (in a good way) because it is so unnoticeable. It claims to be an all day 3-in-1 primer, foundation and concealer and I can't really disagree although I do use a little extra concealer in problem areas.

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Wearing (non-beauty)... Navy hooded cardigan from Dunnes
I picked up this beauty in the sales just after Christmas as I was looking for something similar or quite a while. I love the thickness of it on the cold days that we have been having and it looks lovely with a nice pair of jeans, or suitable dress. Definitely money well spent.

Three blogs I'm loving...
Choosing three blogs that I haven't mentioned before in a post I don't think. I obviously still love the ones I go on and on about too!
Life Outside London 
This Blog Kills Fascists 
The Giggles of Life 

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  1. I've been hearing and reading Gone Girl mentioned a lot on blogs lately, might have to add it to my to read list!

    1. I had heard so much about it that I asked my in-laws to get me it for Christmas when they were asking what I wanted. It was one of the best books I've read in a while but then again that's the kind of book I like most.

      Debi x

  2. i read Gone Girl and liked it but i was so disappointed by the ending i felt deflated and like i was missing something. I'm still loving Facefinity too and i brought a lighter shade too the other day which i'll try out this weekend!

    1. Yeah, right at the end I was a bit disappointed too but I really liked the whole premise and thought it was really well written :) I was really amazed b just how much I like Facefinity to be honest but it is a really good foundation.

      Debi x

  3. Sorry only catching up on your blogs today Debi, I had no laptop in Ireland for the half-term :) I was so surprised to see my name down on this post. I have to thank Anna really for introducing you to me, heehee :) I myself am ADDICTED to 'Gilmore Girls'. I have all seven seasons. If I ever need something to cheer me up, Kirk, Sooky and Luke can always be depended on.

    Michaela xxx

    1. Yeah, I love how there's a little group of us growing now with Anna. It's nice to feel a part of a little community. I can't wait until I get season 3 and can get started on watching that. Gilmore Girls is so good and definitely a mood lifter!

      Debi x


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