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February 06, 2014

Living in a country that begins with the letter S made this week's topic pretty easy. So without any dilly-dallying...

 photo Label.jpg

S is for Scotland

The places that feature in the below photos are: Castle Urquhart (near Drumnadrochit), Dornoch, Culloden, Millport (Island of Cumbrae), Dunfermline and St. Andrews.

 photo Scotland3.png
 photo Scotland2.jpg
 photo Scotland1.jpg
 photo image-24.jpg
 photo Scotland.png
 photo DSC01046.jpg
 photo DSC01034.jpg
 photo DSC01028.jpg

Living in Scotland means that I have been to lots of different places around the country for day trips and holidays. I love the fact that Scotland has some absolutely gorgeous scenery, especially in the summer when it is not raining. There is nothing quite like going for a drive in the country with the windows down in the car, sun shining and music blaring.

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  1. Oh I love Scotland - we use to go there a lot for family summer holidays - mainly around North Berwick or Callander, I always use to love rambling around old castles there many a year.

    1. Visiting old castles and the like was how I spent much of my childhood. We tended to head North (and East) when it came to holidays, being from the West.

      Debi x


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