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February 27, 2014

Thinking of topics that relate to me for these letters at the end of the alphabet are proving to be really difficult. I don't want to give up and just forget about the last letters. It's meant to be a challenge but I don't want to bore you with a poor quality post therefore I'll keep this one short and sweet.

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V is for Very Near the End

I sort of feel like celebrating that this series is almost at the end. Sure, some of the topics have been fun to share but it hasn't been easy to wrack my fairly dull life to produce some interesting content for you.

With the end being in sight, I have already begun to brainstorm ideas for future Thursday posts. I have decided that I'm not going to have a new series take its place but leave it open for all those blog posts I think about writing but never do because I don't know when to schedule them. In the coming months I'm sure there'll be a tonne of wedding related posts and I look forward to sharing all my progress with you. I have an overnight stay in March for a wedding that I'm sure I'll want to blog about and a short trip for my Dad's birthday which there will definitely be a post about. All things to look forward to and possibly a bit more interesting than this.

Honestly, I'm quite glad we are very near the end.

Is there any type of post that you would like to see in the coming months?

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