Roxie Takeover #2 | Bathtime

March 07, 2014

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I tried to convince them that I need to finish the level on the Xbox before my bath but they were having none of it.

It's me again! Mum tells me that you enjoyed my last post so I thought I would treat you all to another dose of Roxie.

At the weekend, mum and dad decided that it was time to give me a bath. Now I'll be honest, baths are not my favourite thing in the world. I don't understand how mum and dad like to shower every day or all you people who like to soak in a bubble bath for half an hour to relax. Relax?! Sleeping on the couch is relaxing, not having a bath.

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We don't actually have a bath in our house, only a shower. To tell you the truth, I'm a little scared of the shower. It makes strange noises and splashes water everywhere. Who likes something like that? The sink in the bathroom is too small for me and I'm not going anywhere near the one in the kitchen so mum and dad have resorted to washing me in dad's old baby bath! It's not too bad really. It fits me quite well.

Dad fills up the bath with warm water and makes mum do all the hard work of actually washing me. This time dad was on camera duty so he caught some snaps of me either looking a little upset or dopey. It isn't that bad. I just like to guilt trip them so that they'll give me treats afterwards for being a good girl.

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I'm sure you know what having a bath entails. After a little bit of a fight to get me in the bath, they soak me with water, rub some nice smelling shampoo into my fur and rinse it all off again. Sometimes I try to escape from the bath but usually I stand there as good as gold just hoping that it will be over soon and then the fun can really begin.

As soon as mum picks me out the bath I want to shake all the water off me. Mum always tries to stop me and wrap me up properly in a towel but I always manage to soak her and dad just in time. Then I run around the house like a nutcase, rolling on the floor, charging around the furniture, yipping and yapping all the time. I like to go a bit crazy. It's so much fun and a good way to dry myself.

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I'm not a big an of the hair-dryer but sometimes I'll let mum use it. Mostly though, I like to find a spot on the couch (on mum's waterproof jacket) in the sunshine and have a snooze to dry off properly. Once dry I feel all fluffy and mum and dad put some anti-flea treatment on me and I'm sorted until next time !

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  1. Aww I love Roxie's takeover posts! When I wash Muffin she desperately tries to jump out of the bath! Now that we have Persie I'm not sure how he'll react. Muffin always runs around after as well digging her neck into the carpet and rolling around trying to get her own scent back haha!

    1. Roxie does tend to go mental trying to get her scent back but it's pretty funny to watch! I'm always really pleased by how well she behaves when she gets her bath. I bet Persie thinks about making a runner during the bath at some point! Haha.

      Debi x

  2. She is just too darn cute! Those bath time photographs are fabulous and I love how fluffy she looks post bath time!

    1. I think she's pretty damn cute too :) Love her to bits. She fluffs up so much after a bath but once she's dry it's all back to normal.

      Debi x

  3. awww :) I'm really enjoying Roxie takeovers, she is just so cute :) hope to see another takeover soon :) xxx

    1. We'll see! Haha. I'll have to try and do something interesting with her so we can have another takeover.

      Debi x


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