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March 13, 2014

Another Thursday, another letter of the alphabet which means that today's topic is...

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X is for X-rays

I'm lucky enough to have only ever had to go to the hospital once. Touch wood. I wasn't even born in a hospital but at home in a very unplanned home birth. Even then, I only spent a few hours in the hospital and was allowed home that very same day with my mum. I have been pretty lucky so far in life. I hope it continues this way!

My only experience of going to the hospital was when I was thirteen and had a bit of an accident at school during P.E. We had been playing hockey and a fellow classmate hit my thumb with the hockey stick. It hurt like hell at the time. I went home from school for lunch and my dad insisted on taking me to hospital to get it checked out. Waiting in A&E for over two hours to get an x-ray only to find out it wasn't broken was the biggest waste of time but I did get the afternoon off school. I didn't have to take part in P.E. for a couple of weeks either which was good. I had never been keen on hockey anyway so I was more than happy to not have to play it.

I probably should have gone and had my ankle x-rayed in 2009 when I went over on it really badly and heard the most god awful crack but I never did. I'd like to point out that I wasn't wearing heels like everyone presumes. Oh no, I managed to mess up my ankle in some nice comfy trainers. Good job, Debi! To be fair, it was a really uneven bit of pavement that caused it. Maybe I should have sued the local council. I kid.

Due to having trouble walking on it, I took a little time off work (I had to literally walk about 2 miles every day for work) but chickened going to the hospital to get it checked out. I did keep it strapped up for maybe about two or three months and let it sort itself out. I still get a little niggle now and then but it isn't a big deal.

Have you ever had a broken bone? How did it happen?

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  1. I really like the idea of this series - it's helpful to have writing prompts! You're very lucky tohave only been in hospital once, even if it was after hockey. (I hate hockey, it's crap in PE!). My most recent broken bone was a cracked elbow socket after falling over ice skating and I had a few X-rays for that, but MRIs are far more annoying as you can't move a muscle for an hour!
    followed you on bloglovin :)
    lily x

    1. That sounds nasty! I would hate to have a broken bone and the idea of an MRI is horrible. Hopefully, I won't ever need one! It has been good to have a series that helps me to have something to write about but it has been trick sometimes to think of something for a specific letter. I think I'll be a little bit glad when I write my letter Z post!

      Debi x


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