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March 14, 2014

 photo twh6.jpg
If I could see this outside my window every day I would be one happy bunny. Blue skies were very welcome at the beginning of the week even if the temperature only reached about 12!

 photo twh4.jpg
This little face makes my heart melt. Also, introducing Roxie's favourite toy at the moment, Benjamin Bunny, more commonly known as just Benji.

 photo twh3.jpg
I'm about three quarters of the way through this book and it's made my reading mojo come back. I really enjoy a good book by Baldacci and my dad didn't disappoint when he got me this one for Christmas.

 photo twh5.jpg
I love to watch Roxie follow the sunshine around the room, alternating from baking quite happily on the couch to lying flat out in the shade.

 photo twh1.jpg
My first little bit of wedding D.I.Y. I made personalised hangers for my sisters with "Bridesmaid",their name and our date (01-08-14) written on it. I just need a little ribbon to finish them off.

 photo twh2.jpg
I'm loving pastels right now which isn't really a surprise seeing as it is just about Spring. This is my favourite lilac shade called Bond With Whomever by essie.

 photo twh7.jpg
Sometimes it's nice to have something a little different and I'm absolutely digging the Irish Cream lattes from Nescafe at the moment. Yummy.

 photo twh8.jpg
It may have only been 5.30pm but I love when the evening sky looks like this.

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  1. Oh my I have so much love going on for things in this post - those hangers are so sweet and that lattee just sounds delicious. The sun here is very corrupting - bright blue skies, and then it's like 0 degrees to match (if you're lucky) it's like seriously, March warm up!

    1. I've been guilty of complaining a bit about the weather recently but at least it's not that bad! I hope it warms up for you soon. We've gone back to grey skies, chilly winds and rain again. The sunshine never lasts for long!

      Debi x

  2. Such beautiful skies. It's been lovely here too and I'm so happy that it is almost spring! I'm loving the extra sunlight, it's very much needed.
    Gorgeous pastel nails too! I need to get some pastel polish :)
    Such cute hangers too.

    ~ K

    1. Yeah, it's nice not to have to switch on the light in the middle of the afternoon any more although I do want the sunshine to make a reappearance! Two days was all we got!

      Debi x

  3. those coat hangers are super cute, love them! what a brilliant idea Debi! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Anna! I've seen ones with the names bent into wire but I was worried the material of the girls dresses would get caught in it if I didn't finish them nicely so I just went for writing on the wood instead. I think they turned out quite nicely!

      Debi x


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