A Little Overnight Stay

April 03, 2014

So I had planned to do a photo an hour sort of thing last Friday when I went to a family wedding and we stayed the night in the hotel but I sort of... kinda... completely failed. I started to take photos as I got ready but then time completely ran away with me. Obviously being ready and able to get there in time was more important than faffing about taking pictures! Then I left my camera in my bag during the whole wedding reception and only remembered it in the morning.

Anyway, here is what photos I did manage to take whilst we were away for the night...

 photo bc61.jpg
Packing a bag for our overnight stay. Why do I always forget that there is more to packing than just the clothes? It always seems like so much more once you add in toiletries!

 photo bc72.jpg
My outfit for the wedding reception. I borrowed this dress (and the shoes) from my sister. I think the dress is from ASOS and the shoes are from New Look.

 photo bc73.jpg
A quick little selfie before we left. This was the best I could do I'm afraid!

 photo bc75.jpg
 photo bc74.jpg
This was the view from our hotel window at 7am. As you can see, the venue was next to a loch and  completely secluded with nothing around for miles. It looked absolutely beautiful in the daylight. I don't think that my photographs do it justice to be honest.

 photo bc76.jpg
Getting ready the morning after. I'm pretty low maintenance, especially when travelling!

 photo bc77.jpg
I was so pleased to see this face when we arrived home. She was staying with my sisters and her little buddy, Scout, so she was well taken care of. It was the first night that we had spent apart since we got her almost two years ago so I missed her so much. I think the feeling was mutual.

 photo bc78.jpgResting up with a cuppa ad the little packets of biscuits pilfered from the hotel room. We were surprisingly tired for two people who were in bed by 12.30am (although up at 7am) and claimed to have slept well!

 photo bc79.jpg
The rest of my Saturday was spent reading these, eating lots of yummy food and watching way too much trashy television.

I think that I may try to do a photo an hour post another time in which I will actually make a proper attempt instead of this sort of half-hearted one. I hope that you enjoyed the wee peek into my Friday/Saturday all the same!

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  1. nice hair and that dress looks really cool!


    1. Oh thank you! We got caught in the rain going from the car to the hotel so I'm not sure that my hair looked that nice all night! Haha.

      Debi x

  2. I hate being away from my kitties so I know how you feel!

    1. It's horrible, isn't it? It's almost like missing a limb when Roxie isn't with me. I definitely have more of an issue with the separation than she does!

      Debi x

  3. Looking gorgeous in that dress! I hate the extra stuff for packing... the toiletries. Stupid toothbrush.

  4. What a beautiful scenery, I also loved your hair and dress, you looked lovely. Didn't enjoy reading a game of thrones, though. I think I'm the only person on the face of the earth that doesn't like watching the tv show.


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