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April 04, 2014

I've seen a lot of these kind of posts in the last few weeks and I've been meaning to do one myself for quite a while. Finally, I decided what better than to do it today, just before yet another busy weekend for me.

 photo currently3.jpg
Reading… Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
Watching… I have series linked Amazing Wedding Cakes for when I am feeling a bit bored and have been catching up with Marvel's Agents of Shield the last couple of nights.
Playing… Sadly, nothing. The other half has got Dark Souls 2 so any co-op games have been put to the bottom of the pile. We have been playing Lost Cities occasionally though.
Trying… To not stress about every little thing. This has been particularly hard with the wedding looming overhead as well as all the regular things.
Eating… Nothing at the moment. 
Drinking… A much needed coffee. Eyes, please stay open. 
Cooking… Chilli for dinner tonight. A classic but a goodie!
Calling… I'll need to talk to my dad about our plans for tonight in terms of what time we are going to the rugby but I'm more likely to text him. I should definitely call my mum more often but lately whenever I do she has her phone off or doesn't hear it!
Texting… My best friend about her new job, living with her boyfriend and my wedding.
Pinning… Anything cute, wedding or hair related. Follow me HERE.
Tweeting... A load of nonsense as usual. If you want to follow me then I'm @dibdabdebsblog

 photo currently1.jpg

Crafting… Nothing yet but I'm sure that will all change soon with wedding related things! I think I might make little wooden signs for my table names like I did for my sister's wedding seen in the above picture. She had Australian/Scottish places as her theme. We are having Goddesses for Love, Beauty and Marriage from different mythologies for ours. Yay or nay, friends?
Doing… A lot of organising for this weekend, next weekend and the wedding. Lists are my best friends.
Going… Away on Sunday for a couple of nights for my dad's birthday with the whole gang plus the dogs!
Loving… That special other half of mine. I just can't stop myself.
Hating… Feeling permanently stressed and anxious. The recurrence of my panic attacks is really starting to get me down.
Enjoying… Being able to take Roxie for her evening walk before it is pitch black.

 photo currently2.jpg

Thinking… That I have far too much to organise for this wedding which is only 17 weeks away today! Less than four calendar months!
Feeling… Excited about our little trip away on Sunday. It's a surprise for my dad's birthday and it's been so hard to keep it a secret for the last couple of months.
Hoping… Everything comes together for this wedding!
Listening (to)… The Show by Lenka
Celebrating… Each and every day because they are actually pretty special.
Thanking… My lucky stars for all the wonderful people in my life, including you lovely little people.
Considering… Cutting my hair slightly but I don't think that I will.
Finishing… reading A Game of Thrones sometime this week hopefully so I can get started on a new book!
Starting… To think about more diverse topics for my blog. I don't want people to become bored!

I think I might make this a bit of a feature on the blog. Certainly not every week and probably not every month but maybe every six to eight weeks?
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  1. What a great blog feature Debi, love it. And oh so loving the wooden table signs, the ones you did for your sister were lovely. Really wish I was this crafty. Love the idea of different mythologies for your names. We are having DJ names! My OH is a huge dance music fan lol x

    1. Thanks :) I do make the wooden signs as a little business although most of my sales are at Christmas. I'd love to branch out into weddings and such too but I don't seem to be getting much interest there! I love learning about all different mythologies (especially Norse) so I knew I wanted Goddesses for table names and the other half didn't mind at all!

      Debi x

    2. Aw wow where do you sell them Debi? I would loooooove these for my wedding - my theme is snowflakes & silver :) Im getting my pretty decorations but giving Paul his stamp too with the DJ names. We are even having glowstick favours - together with other pretty ones lol xx

    3. I have a seriously neglected Facebook page for them (Austara Signs). If you are interested in them for your wedding let me know. I'd be happy to help you out. I can do different shapes and extra decorations on them. All hand painted and written :) I love the fact that you are combining your interests and likes for the wedding!

      Debi x

  2. Agents of Shield is an awesome show, I love how the episodes are linked into the films too, like the story line from this weeks US episode links into Cpt America which comes out here today and then plot links into Tuesdays Shield episode. Like i said before i don't envy you your wedding task, I'm glad I did a super small one although that wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but it was pretty hassle free. This house buying lark is stressful enough for me!

    1. Yeah, I'm really enjoying Agents of Shield. I didn't know that they were linking it to the new Cap! I really want to go see the new Captain America but I'm so busy at the moment that I probably won't manage to for another couple of weeks! As for the wedding, I didn't want a big deal made either. I wanted it small and simple but the other half wanted to have a big day so I caved! Haha. Buying property is a nightmare with all the paperwork and such but so worth it once you have your new home!

      Debi x

  3. What a fab post Debi! I might have to pinch this for myself ;) xx

    1. I think I pinched it from someone else a while ago but I can't remember who so help yourself :p I did cut out some of the wee topics in the original one though.

      Debi x

  4. So much going on!! It's quite a nice feature to do, I like your idea of every two months that's a good time frame.

    1. I do feel like there's a lot going on but I'm not sure how exciting it all is! Haha. I think I will be making it a feature every second month.

      Debi x


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